Saturday, December 30, 2017

A FF14 Project: As Someday It May Happen (I've Got a Little List).

If you're just here for an update on the road to many 70s... 34.5%. Lots of ways to go. This post is for a different project.

To truly understand and appreciate this project you'll need to at least be familiar with FF14. Familiarity with Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado" would not be remiss.

This is a FF14 take on "As Someday It May Happen," or more commonly known as "I've Got a Little List." So, first. Lyrics. Second. Music.

Below, you'll find Draft 3 of the lyrics. I'm right now trying to find people with a better ear for music to see if I'm clipping syllables too tightly in places or if I could reword to make it easier to sing. I've got no talent for music or lyrics, so this is the Peer Review stage of this project. Hi Peers.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Road to Lots of 70s: Point 2


XP Then: 769,526,957/2,500,345,000 (30.8%)
XP Now: 775,487,391/2,500,345,000 (31%)
Gain Of: 5,960,434

Levels Then: 1,022/1,750 (58.4%)
Levels Now: 1,031/1,750 (58.9%)
Gain Of: 9 (+3 Armorer, +1 Goldsmith, +1 Weaver, +1 Alchemist, +1 Culinarian, +1 Botanist, +1 Red Mage)


Specific XP Gained

Red Mage: 4,497,116
Fisher: 16,282
Botanist: 175,444
Miner: 178,433
Culinarian: 16,282
Alchemist: 650,694
Weaver: 29,452
Leatherworker: 14,726
Goldsmith: 58,904
Armorer: 266,498
Blacksmith: 14,726
Carpenter: 16,282
Marauder: 25,230



XP Then: 775,487,391/2,500,345,000 (31%)
XP Now:  788,195,335/2,500,345,000 (31.5%)
Gain Of: 12,707,944

Levels Then: 1,031/1,750 (58.9%)
Levels Now:  1,044/1,750 (59.4%)
Gain Of: +13 (+2 Armorer; +2 Goldsmith, +1 Alchemist, +1 Miner, +1 Botanist, +1 Rogue, +1 Red Mage, +1 Machinist, +3 Thaumaturge)


Specific XP Gained

Carpenter: 16,282
Blacksmith: 15,514
Armorer: 238,457
Goldsmith: 193,139
Leatherworker: 15,514
Weaver: 15,514
Alchemist: 1,729,939 + 78,816
Culinarian: 18,692
Miner: 186,883
Botanist: 449,526
Fisher: 31,028
Rogue: 13,443
Machinist: 30,274 + 506,276
Red Mage: 8,723,084 + 329,940
Thaumaturge: 115,623

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Road to Lots of 70s.

In FF14, I'm currently at about 30 percent of the way to capping. That is, right now, I'm at:

2,500,345,000 - 769,526,957 = 1,730,818,043 XP to go to totally cap everything.

So, from now on, every Friday, I'll post an update. This is just to see how quickly I can climb in XP. I'm only going to do some moderate cheesing (AFK quick synthesis is probably the biggest way and macroing HQ crafts as well.)

Either or, it could be a fun project.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

NaNoWriMo Notes: 2017, Part 1

Going back and editing, tightening up the introduction. I'm doing a few things that I think fiction should do more often.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Paranoia in Table Top Role Playing.

In real life, if a group of people find a discarded doll in a forest, they'll, maybe comment that's weird. Maybe take a picture. Move on. But, if a high-level adventuring party finds a doll in the woods, things are not that simple.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Changing the RPG Maker Game Opening

I've been really, really quiet on the big RPG Maker game. Like, over two years without a post. So, here's why. I didn't like it. I needed to rethink it. If you see from the last post about the Review Effects tab and the one about Money, XP and Inventory, I realized my game had an identity crisis. Part of that started with the way the project developed (originally as just something fun I was doing on the side to learn RPG Maker.) But, that's caused structural problems, which you see in those two posts.

Now, only click through if you're fine with spoilers to a game I'll probably never make.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Hildibrand quest chain is probably the best written of the quest chains in FF14. For spoilery example....

Monday, January 9, 2017

Alien Board Game Concept: Second Post

I am embracing my Ameritrash gaming roots for this game. There are six decks included. Here is the first post, for reference.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Board Game Rough Concept

Rough game notes for Alien-esque Game. The goal is to re-create the feeling of Aliens/The Thing.