Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016: One Upside

CNBC reports that Trump spent about half as much as Clinton to win the White House.

If nothing else, maybe this will help get money out of politics. There used to be an assumption that X dollars transferred into Y votes, and so people would do whatever it took to raise money and throw it out there.

Now though, we see that retail politicking [whether you agree with Trump or not -- that's essentially how he got his message out. Rally after rally, speech after belabored, rambling speech], if done strategically, can even knock out the Clinton machine.

Now, part of this credit undoubtedly goes to Kellyanne Conway [I think that's how you spell her name; I've only ever really heard it], who is, maybe, officially a political miracle worker. Even more credit, maybe, goes to Clinton's unwillingness to hold those same sorts of rallies and rely on a more traditional money to votes strategy.

Either way, politicians, on both sides, might benefit our whole electoral process if they look at Trump's strategy and think: "Maybe I don't need that much money."

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