Sunday, November 6, 2016

CNN Should Not Host a Debate in 2020

Semi-political thought for the day.

CNN run debates have been terrible for almost a decade. During the 2007/8 cycle, they had "undecided, ordinary Republican voters" who, if you bothered to Google their names/YouTube pages, turned out to be a veteran working on Clinton's campaign, a woman working on the Edwards campaign, a "Log Cabin Republican" who had publicly declared he would vote for Obama before the debate, a staffer for a D- Senator, and a "Ron Paul" voter who had actually declared for Bill Richardson. And, pretty much every debate since then where they had "undecided, ordinary Republican voters," you can find similar examples -- though very few were as blatant as the first set.

Now we find out that they allowed one of their commentators to cheat by passing along a question during a debate, and it took TWO instances of it before they did anything about it.

Knowing CNN's utter incompetence at running debates: Why do Republicans keep letting them run them? I'm not saying that Republicans should only have Fox run the presidential debates -- but come on. Let CBS or NBC or ABC or anyone who hasn't deliberately sabotaged/allowed the process to be sabotaged for a decade have a shot at it.

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