Sunday, April 10, 2016

Boss Fight #2!

I'm kind of proud about how this fight works, so let me nerd out for a bit.

Boss Fight #2!

Plot wise, what we want to happen is the party is trying to buy time for the barbarian, who can talk to spirits, to talk the enraged Earth Elemental out of its rage and have it make a path through the mountain for them.

Let's start with the basic rules of the fight. If the Earth Spirit reaches 0 HP, the party instantly loses. If the party reaches 0 HP, they also instantly lose. The Earth Spirit is immune to Thunder damage, so the Wizard hopefully has changed to a non-thunder attunement.

At the start of the fight, the game applies a buff to the Earth Elemental that decays in exactly 10 turns. When this buff falls off, the fight ends, as the Earth Spirit is no longer enraged. So, essentially, the party just needs to survive 10 turns.

There are three major complications in the fight that make lasting 10 turns significantly harder. On Turn 0, two Rage Spirits appear. Every 5th turn, the Rage Spirits will re-apply the Rage status on the Earth Spirit. In addition, at the end of every 5th turn, the Rage Spirits are revived to full. If they cause the Earth Spirit to enrage, they also do about 15-20 damage to it.

So, there's one last problem. On rounds 2 and 4, the Earth Spirit will attack the entire party and start to cause stalactites to fall. If the stalactites are not deflected, then when they hit the ground, they cause MORE stalactites to start falling, hitting the entire party.

The party has to manage keeping the stalactites under control, keep the rage spirits from causing the fight to go too long, all while keeping the spirit from dying from the party's AoE. It's a tempo fight, and in theory, it could be really, really cool.

Current design status: All flags work [stalactite creation, rage spirit creation, game over on boss death, battle end on status clear.]

What I need to do: Tweak damage/health numbers, write text to explain the fight as it goes.

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