Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Possible Short RPG Maker Titles

Below you'll find six different short RPG Maker stories. I need to pick one so I can try making it in RPG Maker VX Ace and then re-make it in the new RPG Maker tool to see which I like better. I'm opening up the "which is coolest" to anyone who reads this, because I like them all for different reasons and cannot decide.

"The Case of the Well Done Butler"

In the forgotten wasteland of Siberia, a specially built mansion serves as the diplomatic retreat where humans and the things from the Other Realms meet every 1,000 years to determine how much influence those things may have on the mortal realm. This year the negotiation is imperiled when Hrukin Gaar, a low ranking demon butler in service of the Other Realms' chief negotiator is found burned to death in his bed. The Foundation calls in Petra Aromav to get to the bottom of the murder and resolve the negotiations before the clock strikes midnight and unleashes the creatures that stalk the Other Realms upon the mortal realm!

Spirit Detective Petra Aromav is an ex-Moscow Police Detective who turned private eye after she uncovered the existence of the magical Other Realm during an investigation that put her in conflict with a KGB psychic. After defeating this villain, the Foundation, an organization dedicated to ensuring Human-Other Realm peace, recruited her as the first human agent in their roster. -- Role: Physical damage dealer; "You want me dead? Who are you with? CIA? KGB? FBI? MI6? None of those? Take a number, then."

Logos is a golem, one of many designed and distributed by the Foundation to aid its field agents. Logos acts Petra's bodyguard and mentor in the rules of the Other Realm. It provides logic to supplement Petra's "gut" instincts while solving crimes, and it also serves as the Foundation's link to her investigations. This is their first time working together. -- Role: Tank; "I do not 'think.' I reason. I do not 'take my best guess,' I provide possible conclusions for consideration."

After joining the Foundation, her cat Whiskey was turned into a familiar to Petra, giving him an empathic link with her and the ability to talk and reason like a human. Whiskey is ungrateful for losing his inherent catness. -- Role: Healer/Support; "Not everyone WANTS to contemplate their navel. Some of us just want to chase our tails." | "It's not short for Whiskers. I found him in an empty crate of whiskey." // "I'd drank it. All of it. I think it gave me my magic powers." -- Role: Healer/Support [MP restore items are alcohol. Only the cat has MP.]

Killian Vaal, a magic spirit that Petra arrested who had been coerced and bound by humans to do evil things. Currently "on parole" by assisting Petra. Dislikes humans, vaguely racist against them. "Humans and your love of binding creatures with power. That wizard bound me with magic, but to you I'm bound by Law. It's a different power you chain me with, but it is still a chain." -- Role: "Magic" damage dealer; spends HP to do things; "I chose this name because it is suitably threatening."


"The Robot Island of Dr. Invincible"

In the not too distant future, Potentials begin to appear as the fabric of reality tears. These potentials are humans who go beyond what normal humans can do. One of the most evil is Dr. Invincible, and he just perfected his robot army and unleasheed it on the world! Luckily, the world is not without its defenders. They have banded together into the Protectorate. But, can these mighty heroes overcome Dr. Invincible's robot factory, track him to his mysterious island and put an end to his robotic rampage once and for all?

Eir -- In the heart of Northern Germany, an ancient Norse burial ground is being excavated when Lena Romilde, medievalist and archaeologist found a wooden staff mixed with the other artifacts. Thinking it just a piece of wood, she moved to throw the staff, away. But, on touching the wood, a voice heralded her as her new avatar and champion of the goddess Eir! Taking the staff in her hands, Lena became one of the founding members of the Protectorate! -- Healer/Support; "Only together can we heal this world!"

Schneider -- In his basement, a young boy tinkers away with his toys until he grows into a man. That man - Maurice Marquand - is a mechanic and WWI era-armor and artillery enthusiast. When Paris came under siege, he welded his first battle suit: The Schneider to battle the growing threats to mankind, joining the Protectorate. -- Tank; "French steel has withstood barbarians and madmen; what makes you think it shall move for you?"

The Hurricane -- Haizea Valencia's father was a famous masked wrestler in Mexico, as was his father. As he lay dying,he forbid her from wearing the family's mask and to go to school instead. Days later, she held the mask in her hand, and despite his warning, put it on. As she wore it, she felt generations of her family speaking to her, guiding her. Their combined training and skill augmented her physical capabilities, and instead of returning to the ring, she signed up with... THE PROTECTORATE! -- Physical Damage Dealer; "My father wanted a better life for me, and I want it for all."

Sparkfire -- Josiah Monroe was a normal electrician from New York until the day he was working in the U.N.'s High Tech Genetics Research Laboratory. While working on a generator stored in a room filled with samples, the machine overloaded! Seeing a bright blue flash, Josh Monroe came to no longer a mere man. Instead, his heart buzzed... WITH JUSTICE! -- Magical Damage Dealer; "I used'ta be nobody, but I'm somebody now, and I'll be the best damn somebody."


"Under the Bed and In the Closet"

It is coming up on the anniversary of the death of Greg Tyson's wife Christine. His daughter Katie has not been sleeping, and she has started complaining of bad dreams. With two weeks to go to the day, Ms. Patty Orfman, Katie's third grade teacher, calls him in to the office to talk about Katie's performance problems and about a "bad man" she has been seeing around the school and neighborhood. Greg, himself, has been seeing things, and runs off the road when a vision of Christine startles him. As the ghostly visions start appearing more, Greg must work to find out what nightmare has settled over his household, and how to get rid of it before he and Katie succumb to its influence.

Greg Tyson - Katie's dad and a widower, he serves as the focal point for the party's investigation into the "bad man" and the growing nightmare in his small suburban hideaway. Can he overcome this darkness, or will it swallow him and his daughter? Role: Magic Damage; "Daddy, you fixed it! You fixed it!" / "Hah, I'm just a wizard with machines." / "You're a wizard!"

Patty Orfman - Patty Orfman is a young teacher at Katie's school. This is her first year out of college, and she feels the pressure to perform at her best as a teacher and role model for the children. When Katie shows up to school without having slept again and complaining about a "bad man," she takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of things. Role: Tank; "Ms. Orfman, the Bad Man is here again!" / "I don't see anyone Katie." / "He's there! He's there! Don't let him hurt me!" / "Don't worry Katie; I won't let anyone hurt you."

Mr. Bear - Mr. Bear is Katie's best friend, and the only stuffed animal that remains on her bed, when he isn't standing vigilant guard in front of the closet door. While just a regular stuffed teddy bear in the real world, when Greg Tyson finds his way into the nightmare, Mr. Bear is there to guide him. Role: Physical Damage. "You believe me about the Bad Man, don't you Mr. Bear?" / "RAWR!" | "Katie, you're too old for a stuffed animal." / "DON'T TAKE MR. BEAR!"

Secret Character - Once Greg Tyson enters the nightmare, this character meets him. Together, they work to find and free Katie from the Bad Man. But, this character has its own agenda, and it may not be entirely benevolent. Role: Support


"The Castle That Wasn't There"

Two days ago, a runner arrived from Thane Dawmond with a message for the Church of the Sacred Flame, reading simply, "A castle has appeared on the moors near the Black Swamp. Request immediate aid." The Church selected Invar, their master inquisitor, to go to the Black Swamp and assess what danger, if any, this new manifestation might presage. On the way there, Invar meets with other unlikely visitors to the new castle, and together, the band of unlikely adventurers must find out the secret of the Castle That Wasn't There and, if necessary, thwart whatever sinister purpose it may have.

Invar Richmont -- A devout inquisitor of the Church of the Sacred Flame, Invar was chosen to investigate the new dwelling in the Black Swamp. Reserved, loyal and devout, he seems to be the perfect person to send out against the unknown. However, with allies like those he meets on the road and the dangers he yet must face will test even his patience and mettle; Role: Magical Damage Dealer. "As the resident expert on both the undead and fire, both mundane and divine, I assure you: Ghosts can burn."

Hickta Goldbeard -- Of the Lowlands Goldbeards, Hickta is searching for her husband who went missing two days ago while passing through the Black Swamp. After learning of Invar's quest, she joins him, lending her magic battle ax to the cause. She is melancholy and withdrawn, and she and Invar often pass time simply nodding to each other, happy in each other's silence. -- Role: Physical Damage Dealer. "I was happier when you didn't talk so much. Just point and say 'chop' or 'don't chop.' I don't need a sermon."

Shield of the Grove -- The Shields of the Grove are an elite order of Elven warriors who have forgone their names and identities to become one with the grove and the land. They rarely leave their home grove or forest, and even more rarely join with others. However, he knows that alone he may not be able to divine the mystery of the Black Swamp, and reluctantly joins Invar's band. Role: Tank; "Now a tree is not a mystery. It's purpose is clear; it's mind, pure. This place is a mystery, and mysteries rarely bode well for fair folk."

Genevieve the Fair. A dancer Invar meets during his trip to the Castle That Wasn't There; she appeals to him for sanctuary when the village threatens to burn her as a witch. He promises to protect her "until your true level of witchery can be determined," and she happily falls in with his company. She is sweet, flirtatious and carries a flute that she uses to play music to accompany her own dances. -- Role: Healer/Support; "Beauty is not divine Invar; grace is. One is born with beauty, but one must try for grace." | "Am I the only one who didn't take a gruff pill? What is this, some sort of sullen off? Well, I'll be over here SMILING until you three are done whatever depressing thing you are doing!"


"First, and Recursive, Contact"

Three hundred years in the future, mankind makes first contact. The spaceship that makes contact, "The Discovery," is a commercial ship with a previous cargo: A time machine. Upon learning that the aliens are hostile to all life, and that The Discovery will lead them right back to Earth, Captain Juliette Garibaldi comes up with a daring plan to delay, and perhaps forever prevent, first contact. Her plan, however, is fraught with danger, and the prototype time machine, called the Recursion, may prove to be more dangerous than all of the aliens in the universe.

Captain Juliette Garibaldi -- Captain of the Discovery and veteran of several exploration missions, Captain Garibaldi was unprepared for first contact. Once the aliens proved to be dangerous though, the resourceful captain and the remains of her crew embark on a dangerous operation to save the ship -- and perhaps the human race. Role: Tank; "I'm the captain. That means you listen to me, even when it is a stupid idea. No: Especially when it is a stupid idea."

Serena Umber -- A civilian mechanic serving aboard the Discovery, Serena manages to survive the initial alien assault by hiding in the armory and cracking the safes. Now, loaded down with almost every bit of explosive tech, and a few modified laser blasters, she happily joins in with Garibaldi's plan to wind back time. Role: Magical Damage Dealer. "Explosives? Check. Lasers? Check. Droids? Check. You guys left all sorts of things just lying around Juliette -- I mean 'captain!'"

Dr. Travis Ermid -- Dr. Ermid is one the captain's oldest friends and one of the few people from Old Earth to survive aboard the Discovery. He has seen it all; civil wars on Earth, revolutions in the colonies. He is jaded, cynical and practical. Role: Healer/Support; "Triage is an important lesson you learn as a doctor. Some things can be saved, some things can't, and some things can only be saved if you damn other things."

Gurgar -- An uneasy alliance forms with Gurgar, the last of one of the races the aliens previously conquered. Gurgar turns on his slavers when he sees that "these humans, they fight!" Proud, warrior like and noble, Gurgar -- whose real name is unpronounceable by humans -- agrees to the Captain's plan without hesitation. Role: Physical Damage Dealer; "Does your plan end with their blood on my hands? Yes? Then, I am yours."


"The Dame, the Debt and the Devil"

Old Man Vince hired me for a simple job, and sucker that I am, I thought it would actually be simple. Huh, no one pays a guy like me to do something simple. Keep an eye on Mrs. Bonnie Old Man Vince, he said. If she's screwing around, let him know, and I'd bank an easy couple G. I followed her alright, and then, things got weird. I don't know if Old Man Vince planned for things to go like this, or if I just walked in when I should've walked out. All I know is that I've got my work cut out for me, and I'm all out of aces and faces.

My name's David. I used to be a cop, but only the dirty cops get the promotions in this city, and I may not be clean, but I ain't dirty neither. [Role: Tank]

Liu [Role: Physical Damage Dealer] is my best friend. He owes me a life debt, at least, that's what he calls it. And, I ain't too proud to call in free help when I need it. Liu's always stood by me, and I ain't ashamed to say I love that son of a bitch like a brother.

Now, things ain't serious with Lacey [Role: Magical Damage Dealer], but I ain't kicking her out of bed, either each night. I didn't think she'd get mixed up in this thing with Old Man Vince, but when she did, well, I haven't let a broad down yet, and she's always a good kid to have in your corner.

Bonnie [Role: Healer/Support] is where this all started, and I think where it's all going to end. She's some dame, alright. You can get why Old Man Vince tied the knot with her, and I don't mind being paid to look. But, I'm not even sure what it is I'm seeing.

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