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Meet Officer Regina Posey

Officer Regina Posey is a single target damage dealer who focuses on two major "mechanics." First is the idea of one big turn. The second is the concept of a high tech blaster that attaches to her pistols and revolvers to augment their power with "Add-Ons." When you use her, she brings Truth, Justice and one very large gun to the table. She's competes with Jenny to be your most competent single target damage dealer, and I think should consistently out perform there.

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Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!

Officer Regina

As an officer, Regina is very much a law and order type. She's also perky, fun, dedicated, loyal and one of the few characters to have her head on straight from the start of the game. She's a fun character to write for, and she brings a lot to the party dynamics. The only downside to writing Regina is that she leaves the party after the first chapter, and doesn't rejoin for a little while. Her charm and positive attitude are sorely missed during that lull, even more so than the raw power she brings to the table.

Regina has three types of abilities.

First is Rallying Call. Whenever Regina scores a critical hit, she gains the Rally! buff. This makes her immune to suppression and confusion and allows her to cast Rallying Call! Rallying Call removes Suppression, Sleep and Confusion from all allies, grants everyone 15 TP and refreshes the duration of her currently active Add-Ons.

Next, Regina can power up her Add-Ons, which use TP. She has six add-ons.

Add-On: Sights: Increases Regina's Luck and Critical Hit rate by 10% for 3 turns. This enables her to trigger Rally more often, and all of her shots/blasts gain bonus damage from her Luck. Whenever Add-On: Sights fades, Regina locks on to her targets. This buff increases her Attack value by 10% and allows her basic attack to shoot twice.

Add-On: Medicharge: Regina only has two ways to protect herself, and this is one of them. Medicharge causes her to regenerate 3% of her Max HP a turn for 5 turns. The more important value from Medicharge is that, when activated, it also immediately restores 6% of her Max HP per currently activated add-on [including Medicharge.]

Add-On: Vents: While active, this allows Regina to attack twice in one round with the attack action. This lasts two turns. This should stack with the buff she gains when Add-On: Sights fades. Whenever Vents fades, her gun expels the built up gas and steam from firing so much creating a cloud of smoke that reduces the chance to hit Regina and making her immune to critical hits, at the cost of lowering her hit rate. If you time this right, you can let Regina soak attacks that would normally kill her.

Add-On: Reloader: For 3 turns, Regina generates TP more quickly than usual. When it fades, she immediately regains 100% of her total MP. If her MP ever reaches 0, Add-On: Reloader automatically fades.

Add-On: Harmonize: Thematically, this is Regina turning on her guns energy blasts. It lasts four turns, and during this time, Regina's attacks bypass any resistances enemies have to Physical damage, but it also drains Regina's HP. This is an excellent way to bypass enemies that cannot be normally damaged by physical attacks. It does lower Regina's base Attack value, so only turn it on when you need to bypass immunities.

Add-On: Goggles: This Add-On only fades after combat or if an effect removes it. It cleanses Suppressed and Blind from Regina and grants her immunity to those status effects. It also increase her TP charge rate while active.

Regina's third type of ability are her shots and blasts, which spend MP. Regina naturally gains 0 MP from leveling. Her MP comes solely from her equipped pistol.

Parting Shot: This is Regina's escape ability. It is a single target attack that also removes Regina from the fight.

Lucky Shot: This attack always hits. It also always critically hits, meaning it can be used to ignore the lowered hit rate from Add-On Vents' fading or to reliably trigger Rallying Call. The downside is that it has a 20% chance to break each active Add-On. An Add-On that breaks in this way still triggers any abilities it would normally trigger when it fades, so it is possible to trigger the buffs from Vents, Sights and Reloader early.

Double Shot: Like all of Regina's Shots, this does bonus damage based on her Luck. As opposed to Rallying off of this ability, if it critically hits, it enables Regina's Add-On: Sights instead.

Harmonizing Shot: This ability does three things. First, it activates the Add-On: Harmonizer. Second, it is a strong attack against a single enemy using the Trueshot 5000's energy blasts, bypassing most physical immunities. Finally, it also debuffs any enemy it hits to take 15% more damage from the Trueshot 5000.

Trueshot Blast: This ability unleashes the built up power in the Trueshot 5000. The energy blast is uncontrollable and targets an enemy at random. Since it uses the energy blasts, enemies that are inflicted with Harmonizing Shot take 15% extra damage from Trueshot Blast. In addition, Trueshot Blast deals 15% extra damage per active Add-On. It bypasses physical immunities, rallies Regina and breaks all active Add-Ons, meaning that if used while Reloader is active, you can immediately refill Regina's MP. You can also use it to break the Harmonizer Add-On early so that Regina can start doing Physical damage if the enemy changes immunities, or to trigger the defensive buff from Vents.


Just have two damage characters left! Alicia and Jenny.

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