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Meet Kiley Shoust, Empath

Kiley is a young woman who was abandoned by her family and who found herself a home in an orphanage at the outskirts of Carmichael City. There, she's learned to come to terms with her Empath abilities, which allow her to channel psychic energy, allowing her to both lash out mentally at enemies and to sooth the minds of her allies. Beyond the somewhat understood psychic energy manipulation that Empaths have, she also is an expert at healing by taking other's injuries onto herself.

Dr. Pras is here. Chris Anderson, Security Chief at the Carmichael Group. Wes, tech genius for Emerald Squadron. Victoria is a heavy weapons specialist. George is a tank with power armor.

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Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!

Base Abilities

Where Dr. Pras brings a lot of utility, Kiley brings some damage. All of her damage is Holy. Her primary mechanic is in her Channeling. Many of her spells cause her to gain a debuff. The debuff is not particularly dangerous, but it also enables the use of one Kiley's more powerful skills. Almost all of her skills will also cost her HP in addition to MP, meaning that it is important to manage her health and protect her so that you can control how much damage is coming in. We'll go over her base spells first, and then we'll talk about her four Channeled abilities.

Soul Link: This is Kiley's basic single target heal. It is powerful, but it also costs her some of her health. It also grants her Soul Funnel, enabling one of her Channel abilities.

Earth Bond: This is a basic defensive buff that also enables Kiley's Earth Channel. The base effect is not particularly powerful, but it is one of the only ways to get access to  Kiley's cleanse abilities.

Life Touch: This is Kiley's single target revive. It also enables her Divine Channel ability when it successfully raises a dead ally.

Empathic Retreat: Kiley casts a single target heal and withdraws from the fight, moving to the back of the marching order.

Soul Battery: One ally begins regenerating MP, and Kiley is inflicted with the debuff that enables Mana Channel.

Draw Pain: This is Kiley's multi-target heal. It also drains her very quickly, but it enables Soul Funnel.

Eject Soul: Kiley attempts to instantly kill, stun and cause HP Degeneration in an enemy. It also enables Soul Funnel.

Mind's Embrace: Kiley gains Divine Channel, Provoke and HP Regen. While she has Divine Channel, Kiley has Re-raise, so this is a useful ability to redirect damage away from other targets.

Mind Shock: Kiley's single target attack that may silence an enemy. It also enables Earth Channel, meaning that using this exposes her to extra damage, but it can also be used to set up cleansing an ally.

Bend Aether: This is very expensive -- both to Kiley's HP and MP. She gains Mana Channel, and all allies gain Magic Reflect. Using this at the right time can save prevent amounts of damage, making the trade off in her own HP possibly worthwhile.

Soul Flare: This is Kiley's revive all. It also heals all allies by a large amount, sets Divine Channel and explodes on all enemies for high Holy damage.

Kiley's Channeled Abilities

Soul Funnel: While active, Kiley's Max HP is lowered. This means that her spell costs net lower HP, but it also brings her dangerous low. You can cast Soul Funnel to heal Kiley and deal Holy damage to a single enemy target. This can act as a safety valve, bringing Kiley's Max HP back up to safe numbers while also restoring her HP to let her keep healing.

Earth Channel: This removed the Earth Channel debuff and cleanses Kiley and an ally of all debuffs and negative status effects. While the debuff is active, Kiley's defenses are greatly reduced.

Divine Channel: While active, Kiley's HP degenerate slowly. But, while active, Kiley has a re-raise effect. You can use this to either let Kiley cheat death or you can cast Divine Channel, which removes the debuff from Kiley, but grants an ally a decent sized heal, Re-raise and cleanses them.

Mana Channel: While active, this debuff is incredibly dangerous, slowly draining Kiley's HP and MP. Using this ability clears the debuff and instantly restores 15% of Kiley's HP and a 25% of her MP.


Just have the three damage characters left! Alicia, Regina and Jenny.

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  1. The SWAT Officer focuses on AOEs with bombs and rapid fire, alternating between two buffs, Spray and Pray, which drains MP but gives extra attacks and enables AoE abilities [like frag grenades and full auto], and Trigger Discipline, which increases critical hit rate and enables defensive abilities [like Riot Shields and flashbangs]. She's not as strong against single bosses as the other two, but is great for clearing dungeons and conserving resources.

    The detective focuses on critical hits and aimed shots with a revolver and a very small mana pool. She gets no base mana, but just has the mana her guns provide. She relies on Tempo, where she stacks certain buffs that do things like Speed Loading to instantly restore her MP to Quick Shooting which lets her substitute her AGI for Attack for a few turns at the cost of Mana. Her goal is to line up her various Tempo buffs to get one big turn.

    The fencer focuses on juggling buffs on herself, enemies and allies that, when they fade, allow her to make additional auto attacks or instantly take stances. So, instead of focusing on trying to line up one big turn like the detective, she tries to constantly be putting out damage.


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