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Meet Jenny, Volunteer Sword Using Hero

Jenny is another damage dealer. She's an eager volunteer into Emerald Squadron, and her background includes lessons in fencing and as a medical student under Dr. Pras. Her background is probably the weakest of the characters, but she makes up for that in style. Whereas everyone else uses high technology in combat, her trick is just being that damn good. She starts the game as a random pharmacist selling you things, until she decides to step up and help save the city. And no one says no to a woman who is so good with a sword she can do as much, if not more, damage than people with automatic weapons and explosives.

Officer Posey is here. Kiley is here. Dr. Pras is here. Chris Anderson, Security Chief at the Carmichael Group. Wes, tech genius for Emerald Squadron. Victoria is a heavy weapons specialist. George is a tank with power armor.

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You can also find all the images here. You can note that some people's class names have changed as development went on! The Dream World characters can be found on this blog here. The Real World characters can be found on this blog here.
Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!

Base Abilities

My first note is that I wish I had better icons. I feel like using different color heels to show her different Katas is kind of goofy. But, if I used swords, I was worried it would clash with her actual attacks.

Jenny is a damage dealer with a shallow mana pool. She manages her MP by entering katas. During katas, she passively regenerates some HP and MP, gains some passive benefit and attacks automatically. Like Chris, she can equip techniques. She uses a sword in her main hand [in the game files, they are referred to as Blades so that they are different from the Swords used in the Dream World.] In her off hand, she can equip a single technique. The techniques are shown in the picture below, but let's tackle her base abilities first.

Lightfoot Step: This is an attack ability and her escape ability. It removes her from the fight, tagging in a friend.

Recall Lessons: This buff lasts the rest of the fight, so managing to get it in early is useful. It does three things: It makes Jenny less likely to be targeted. It increases her effectiveness when using healing items by 20%, and it increases her attack power.

Exploit Reflexes/Exploit Chance: Casting these causes Jennifer to make an attack that is augmented by either her Agility or Luck. It also gives her a buff, and in two rounds, she will attack a target at random. That attack will also be enhanced by either Agility or Luck, and it will be contested by the enemy's Agility or Luck instead of their Defense stats.

Sonic Strike: This is a high damage, single target attack with a small chance to stun. It also deals wind type damage, which is useful for when enemies stack physical resists.

Winds of Fortune: This is a weak attack all, wind elemental attack. What it also does is buffs Jennifer with Fortune, doubling the chance of getting rare drops and increasing the gold earned at the end of a fight.

Katas: All katas last three turns and make Jenny uncontrollable [she will auto attack for the next three turns, plus an attack the turn the Kata starts.] She also regenerated 5% HP and MP each round a kata is active. The four katas are:

Defensive: This causes her to take 10% less damage.

Attack: Increases Jenny's Attack value by 15%. At the end of Attack Kata, Jenny will automatically cast Sonic Strike.

Focus: Jenny is targeted 75% as often as usual. This Kata causes 15% HP and MP regeneration instead of the normal value, but Jenny's Attack is reduced by 10% while this is active.

Wind: Jenny gains 30% physical and magic evade while the Wind kata is active. When it fades, she casts a powerful wind magic attack on all enemy targets.

Jenny's Techniques

These stances work just like Chris's stances. Jenny only has certain ones available to her, based on what technique she has equipped in her off hand.

Wind; Shifts her basic attack to do Wind instead of Physical damage. Also improves her Attack and Agility stats by 10%.

Counter: Gains Counterattack for 2 turns and buffs Agility.

Evasive: Adds Magical and Critical Evade and generates TP.

Aggressive: Buffs Attack, lowers Defense and generates TP.

Bracing: Buffs Defense, lowers Attack and generates TP.

Master Wind: Shifts her basic attack to do Wind instead of Physical damage. Improves Attack value. When auto attacking, strike twice instead of once [this SHOULD stack with Katas.]


One character left, and it is one of my other thematic favorites: Alicia, the SWAT Officer. Her mechanic is much, much simpler than the other two damage dealers, in that she just swaps from Attack All spells that burn MP to build TP, to defensive abilities and single target attacks that burn TP. At least, that's the current plan. We'll see how that goes.

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