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Meet George Evers, Armored Infantry

George is a reluctant fighter, a bit morose and no longer interested in fighting the good fight. He's probably the hardest character for me to write, and I feel like that's because he started as a sort of goofy big brother character until I realized that Wes/Chris already had that dynamic down. So, I decided to focus more on his background, and I came to decide he'd probably be kind of a moody guy for SPOILERS reasons. Either or, I feel like he, Regina and Alicia are going to be the hardest to write since they don't fit into the core group as easily.

Chris Anderson, Security Chief at the Carmichael Group. Wes, tech genius for Emerald Squadron. Victoria is a heavy weapons specialist.

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You can also find all the images here. You can note that some people's class names have changed as development went on! The Dream World characters can be found on this blog here. The Real World characters can be found on this blog here.

Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!


George has a suit of ancient armor that the Carmichael Group has been steadily designing upgrades and improvements for. This armor is called "Kinetic" armor. Think of it like the devices that build a charge while you walk around; only these build up the charge as you absorb the recoil from firing your nifty wrist mounted rockets, swing your giant power axe or take a shotgun blast to the gut. It can then expend the energy from the battery to use special attacks. When George reaches 100 TP, he gets a buff called Fully Charged. While charged, he gains a small amount of attack and defense, but the important part is that certain abilities key off of being Fully Charged to empower their effects. As a tank, George's Kinetics Armors have a passive that make him more likely to be attacked while also increasing the rate he generates TP.

Flame Armor: This ability is only available when George has a flamethrower equipped instead of a power axe and shield combination. With it, he lights himself on fire. This, naturally, hurts you and lowers your defense. But, you also become a flaming beacon, drawing enemy attacks and building TP faster.

Repulsor Shield: This is George's escape ability. For a round or so, his allies get a small defense buff while he withdraws from combat.

Kinetic Strike: A bread and butter empowered basic attack. It lowers the enemy's defense while building TP. If George is Fully Charged, the attack expends the charge to restore some MP. This lets him almost constantly spam Kinetic Strike if he is absorbing enough damage to keep his TP high.

Enable Kinetics: This burns some TP to put up a buff for the rest of the fight. This buff further increases George's TP generation. It also will heal George for 5% of his health, making it a useful TP dump if you haven't got anything else to use during random encounters.

Vent Kinetics: This is a water attack spell that, thematically, is venting the built up steam within the suit. It has a chance to blind enemies, and if used when fully charged, is cast again at a random opponent. It deals more damage than Kinetic Strike and can spike harder, but it is not as MP or TP efficient. Since it has a chance to blind, if you use it when fully charged, you are very likely to disable enemy physical attackers.

Kinetic Interference: This is a TP dump. It hits all enemies for 10% of George's max HP (before they resist). It also taunts enemies and lowers their attacks.

Kinetic Rush: This is an attack that has a chance to stun and dumps a lot of TP. When used, George gains the Cover status, protecting wounded allies.

Kinetic Rounds: Shoots two wrist mounted rockets at an enemy. If the suit is fully charged, George fires a third which also reduces their base stats by about 10% for a few rounds.

Steam Axe: Another water attack. This bypasses the target's defenses. If George is Fully Charged when he uses this, he taunts all enemies and gains the cover status to protect allies.

Drain Battery: This drains some of George's MP to power his suit. He gains TP, a re-raise effect and some defenses. If he is Fully Charged, the ability also heals him and refunds the MP spent.

Emergency Override: This is George's biggest selling point as a tank over Chris and Wes. This ability restores his MP and damages him. But, it also buffs him with Drain Battery 55% of the time. If he is Fully Charged when he uses this ability, he will immediately revive all of his fallen allies and then die. So, if you use this while he is Fully Charged and Drain Battery procs, he will revive all of his allies, kill himself, then the re-raise effect from Drain Battery will kick in, giving you your entire party back alive. It isn't 100% reliable, but if you see the wipe coming, you can set up Drain Battery manually. Just as a word of warning: The Fully Charged part happens whether you want it to or not.

Enhance Reflexes: This is an ability George gets fairly late that lets him not fall too far behind in damage. All of his special attacks can critically hit, and this ability gives him some bonus attack, agility and a bonus 40% critical hit rate. It lowers his defenses some, but his naturally high armor and strong equips should cover that loss.

Energy Pulse: Energy Pulse attempts to silence enemies, either by disrupting their magic or short circuiting their tech. If George is Fully Charged, then Energy Pulse also restores 15% of his allies MP, helping keep his healers and MP using damage dealers running.


Next up are our last two damage dealers: Regina and Alicia. We also still have Kiley and Dr. Pras, the two healers, to do.

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