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Meet Dr. Bob Pras, Genetic Researcher

I lied when I said the damage dealers were next. I had a really good handle on what abilities Dr. Pras brings to the table, in part because he is somewhat of a mirror to Silas. Like George, Dr. Pras doesn't really want to fight. He's one of the founders of Carmichael City, and is one of the city's staunchest defenders. He starts on Emerald Squadron, and he will continue to be an important member of the team. For the most part, I'm happy with Dr. Pras and his story, his mana costs though are probably a bit low by end game. I'm worried that you'll end up just spamming his heal all; to remedy that, I may end up weakening the Heal All and strengthening his single target healing. We'll see.

Chris Anderson, Security Chief at the Carmichael Group. Wes, tech genius for Emerald Squadron. Victoria is a heavy weapons specialist. George is a tank with power armor.

The Dream World's last two characters (Lydia and Muriel) can be viewed here. Click here to see the party's healers, Nybal and Silas. You can click here to see the first three characters' skills (Arthur, Perry and Sherwood).

You can also find all the images here. You can note that some people's class names have changed as development went on! The Dream World characters can be found on this blog here. The Real World characters can be found on this blog here.

Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!

Dr. Pras

Dr. Pras has a lot of skills that make him the most powerful healer in the real world. However, some of his abilities can only be used in combat, and others can only be used from the menu. His in combat healing cause a buff called Resonance. Anyone with Resonance active generates TP 20% faster and takes 10% less damage from all sources. In addition, when Resonance ends, Dr. Pras will make a magic attack on a random enemy. This attack is not typed, but it is reduced by magic defense as normal. In addition to his powerful healing spells, Dr. Pras brings five magic attacks. First, we'll cover his healing, then we'll cover his attack spells.

Health Pack: Grants one ally HP Regen and moves Dr. Pras to the back of the marching order. This is his escape skill.

Primary Care: A low cost, efficient heal that also cleanses multiple status ailments. Can only be used from the menu.

Recharge Pack: Dr. Pras expends TP to gain a small amount of MP back. This lets him continue to heal, but remember to use it before combat ends to ensure the TP are not lost. Also grants Resonance.

Combat Triage: This is his in combat heal that has a chance to cause Resonance. If you give him Critical Hit gear/buffs, this can also critically heal.

Genetic Reset: Play with one ally's genes to remove all debuffs, buff all stats by 5%, and grant Re-Raise and Resonance. This also poisons your ally.

Nanobot Miasma: Grants all allies Resonance and heals them a small amount. Resonance can only be triggered once a turn, but each ally will benefit from the 10% damage reduction.

Genesis Project: This revives all dead allies and then heals all allies for 65% of their max HP. Any fallen ally will gain Resonance on reviving.

Catalyze Blood: An out of combat heal that restores a small amount of HP while also cleansing most physical ailments.

Shock Paddles: Revive a fallen ally and grant them Resonance. If this is used out of combat on a fallen ally, Resonance will last until the next combat.

Attack Spells

Poison Vial: This is a basic attack spell that you'll probably use when Dr. Pras has nothing else useful to do on his turn. It's a Dark elemental attack and has a chance to inflict poison.

Genetic Attacks: All four of these skills are single target Dark elemental attacks. These are poisons designed to alter or weaken an enemy's genetic structure. Each attack lowers the enemy's resistance to two elements. They are:

Static: Water and Thunder.

Gaia: Holy and Earth.

Storm Fire: Thunder and Fire.

Hail: Water and Wind.


Three characters left! Alicia, Kiley and Jenny.

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