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Meet Wes, Tech Genius

Wes is one of the first people to join up with Chris.

Chris Anderson, Security Chief at the Carmichael Group.

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You can also find all the images here. You can note that some people's class names have changed as development went on! The Dream World characters can be found on this blog here. The Real World characters can be found on this blog here.

Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!


Wes is a member of Emerald Squad, and he brings a mixture of damage dealing and tanking abilities to the squad. He's upbeat, positive and equipped with a taser and either a power source for additional MP or a targeting computer for extra damage. As he levels, he gains 0 MP naturally, so his low costs are somewhat deceptive. Maximizing the use of his Charge Taser ability and his passive will be required to let him tank effectively at later levels.

His passive is called Power Converter. Several abilities grant this outright, while others have a chance to. Power Converter lasts two turns, and while active, Wes's Defense and Magic Defense are buffed 115%. Also, all of his MP using skills cost 50% less. Keeping maximum up time on Power Converter will be needed for Wes to fill his secondary role as a tank effectively, since he has a mediocre HP pool and can't equip helmets to offset his already average defense stats.

Rocket Boots: This does a weak fire attack on all enemies and boosts Wes to the back of the marching order. This is his escape ability.

Charge Taser: Has a 50% chance to grant Power Converter. It heals Wes for a small amount of damage, but it also boosts his Magic Attack and Attack. As all of his attacks pull from both stats, this should provide a noticeable damage per round increase. But, the most important part of this ability is that it restores 100% of Wes's MP.

Incendiary Charge: A mediocre fire attack on a single target. This debuffs their magic defense and attempts to inflict HP Degeneration. It has a 50% chance to grant Power Converter.

Shocking Charge: A mediocre electric attack on a single target. This removes any buffs the enemy may have to their defense and magic defense stats. It has a decent chance of causing the enemy to lose their action. It has a 50% chance to grant Power Converter.

Targeting Computer: This cheap, spammable TP using skill is critical to allowing Wes to tank effectively. It does a couple of things. First, it always deals at least 1 damage to an enemy. Second, it scans the target, giving you information on weak points or strategies that might be helpful to defeat the enemy. It also gives Wes a buff that grants 20% extra HP, Defense and Magic Defense [it also immediately heals Wes for 20% of his new max HP, so if Wes was at full health, this essentially grants him a 20% HP shield until the buff fades. It also provokes attacks, so it is important to try to only use this when Wes can survive the focused attacks coming his way.

Electro Shell: This ability does a weak heal on Wes. It always grants Power Converter. While active, Electro Shell grants 8% HP Regen and a boosts HP, Defense and Magic Defense by 15%. Effects with the bonus from Targeting Computer are multiplicative, not additive.

Foam Gel: When Wes isn't strong enough to tank hits to the face, he can weaken enemies. This attack has a chance to blind. It will always reduce agility, magic attack and attack stats.

Improvised Shock: As a secondary tank, Wes will probably be the last one standing. This is a very basic raise dead ability that also grants Wes Power Converter.

Reverse Polarity: Wes grants magic reflect and buffs Defense and Magic Defense for one ally. A small heal is included. Has a 50% chance to grant Power Converter.

Flare Charge: A powerful single target fire attack. Has a chance to cause HP Degeneration and activates Wes's Targeting Computer buff. Has a 50% chance to grant Power Converter.

Super Volt Charge: A powerful single target electric attack. Has a chance to stun enemies. This will also immediately activate the Electro Shell buff. Has a 50% chance to grant Power Converter.

Solar Cell: This is a self-buff. It immediately activates Power Converter. As long as Solar Cell remains active, Wes only takes 85% damage from all attacks (and only 50% damage from Dark attacks.) He will also protect weakened allies. He also regenerates HP and MP while under the effect of Solar Cell. Solar Cell grants re-raise.

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