Sunday, August 16, 2015

Meet Victoria Sampson, Heavy Weapons Enthusiast

Victoria is a fun character to write, and kind of a nice character to design too.

Chris Anderson, Security Chief at the Carmichael Group. Wes, tech genius for Emerald Squadron.

The Dream World's last two characters (Lydia and Muriel) can be viewed here. Click here to see the party's healers, Nybal and Silas. You can click here to see the first three characters' skills (Arthur, Perry and Sherwood).

You can also find all the images here. You can note that some people's class names have changed as development went on! The Dream World characters can be found on this blog here. The Real World characters can be found on this blog here.

Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!


Victoria is another original member of Emerald Squad. She's much simpler than your other characters because her purpose is to disable enemies and hit them for lots of damage. She is very simple mechanically and rewarding to use. Though her damage cap is not nearly as high as the other damage dealers, she's self sufficient and lets possibly skimp on defensive abilities and characters with her ability to disable physical attackers.

In the real world, thanks to the existence of fire arms, enemies and allies can be Suppressed. While suppressed, a unit has a lowered chance to hit with attacks. Even if they do hit with an attack, they do less damage than normal. Most of Victoria's abilities play around with suppression.

Belt Feed Ammo: This is her only TP using skill. It represents her switching out the clip on her giant heavy guns with a Rambo-style belt-feeder. It gives her MP regen and restores a good chunk of her base MP.

Suppressing Fire: This is her standard attack. It deals mediocre damage to all enemies and has a chance to suppress enemies.

Short Controlled Bursts: When faced with a single powerful enemy, Victoria can use this ability to deal three rapid fire attacks, each with a chance to cause suppression. These attacks are treated like normal attacks, so any other on-hit effects that Victoria has active have a chance to occur.

Flashbang: A grenade on all enemies that deals damage and attempts to blind and suppress all targets. Not as powerful as Suppressing Fire, but it contests magic defense instead of physical defense.

Empty the Clip: This attack instantly drains all of Victoria's MP. For each point of mana spent on the ability, the attack deals more damage. It has a high base damage.

Frag Grenade: A fire grenade attack on all enemies that contests magic defense. If it hits, it lowers the enemy's attack values.

Rallying Shot: Victoria inspires her allies by firing her gun wildly into the air. This buffs everyone's agility, gives some TP to her allies and also removes suppression from all allies.

Concussive Grenade: An attack all that does no damage but attempts to put enemies to sleep. Good for controlling fights with lots of adds.

Covering Fire: This is Victoria's escape ability. She does a single target attack and then moves to the back of the marching order.

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