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Meet Chris, Security Chief and Martial Artist

Here's the first character you'll meet in the real world, Chris Anderson, Security Chief at the Carmichael Group.

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You can click here to see the first three characters' skills (Arthur, Perry and Sherwood).

You can also find all the images here. You can note that some people's class names have changed as development went on!

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Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!

Chris -- Base Skills.
Chris is a martial artist who augments his punching with power gloves (and wired reflexes.) He serves as a primary tank and a secondary healer. His damage is below average, but he is able to shift his damage type to fire and electric, allowing him to hit weak points. Looking at his skills, you probably see the two Power Glove: On/Off abilities. We'll cover those after his other skills.

Handspring: This is Chris's escape ability. He targets a single enemy and tries to cause them to lose their action. Whether it succeeds or not, Chris moves to the back of the marching order.

Probing Strike: This attack does slightly more damage than a normal attack, but it also gives you information on an enemy's abilities and weaknesses.

Chakra Override: Chris gets a raise dead ability fairly early on, but it will chew through his mana reserves.

Shocking Punch: This is a medium electric damage attack that attempts to stun an enemy. It contests magic defense and causes Chris to provoke enemies.

Power Glove: Thermal: Turn on your power glove and now deal fire damage. Each basic attack now has a chance to lower the enemy's defense stats. While Thermal Glove is active, Chris will take damage for weakened allies.

Power Glove: Electric: Turn on your power glove and now deal electric damage. Each basic attack now has a chance to lower the enemy's attack stats. Temporary boost to Chris's agility. While Electric Glove is active, Chris is more likely to be attacked in general.

Inject Nanites: Chris injects an ally with nanites. These remove poison and HP Degeneration effects, while also granting HP Regen and a small heal. This also generates TP for Chris and the target.

Reflex Systems: On: Chris will now protect weakened allies. He also gains HP Regen and increased defenses for a short while. He will also counter attack for the rest of the round. This always activates first.

Chakra Systems: On: Chris will reflect magic and provoke attacks. He also buffs his defenses for a short while.

Nova Punch: This deals fire damage and immediately engages Thermal Gloves. Builds TP for Chris and attempts to strip the enemy's defenses.

Engage Chakra: Heals all allies for a small amount, but also provokes enemies into attacking Chris.


Power Gloves

Alright, let's talk about turning your Power Glove on and off. Chris's Power Glove grants him something unique that no other character in the game has access to. Namely: His TP do not decay after combat. Instead, his Power Gloves store the charge. He can either take the charge with him into the next fight, or he can activate his Power Glove abilities from the menu.

Chris -- Glove On.
When you turn your Power Glove on, Chris gets a buff like you see above. While the gloves are on, Chris has a small buff to his attack and magic attack. In addition, as long as the Power Glove is on, Chris can use any TP he has left over from combat to restore his MP.

Chris -- Glove Off.
Turning the Power Glove off grounds Chris, protecting him from fire and electric damage. While off, Chris can't charge their battery to restore his MP. Instead, he can release healing nanites to restore his own HP. This lets him always get a little bit of healing after most fights, helping to stretch out your supplies.

Chris -- Stances.

Chris shares a mechanic with another real world character: Stances. His weapon slots are filled with various techniques that he can have at the ready. He can have two different stances prepared when he enters combat. Mattering on the stance you have equipped, he learns a new ability that he can use as long as that stance is equipped. There are a total of six stances that Chris can choose from.

Bracing Stance: Chris braces another ally. Both characters' get a defense buff, and the target is healed. Both characters also gain TP; if Chris uses it on himself, he doubles this benefit.

Evasive Stance: This is a powerful stance as it makes Chris much harder to hit. If the gloves are off, this ability will turn them on and provoke enemies.

Aggressive Stance: This is a basic stance that improves Chris's attack stat and grants some TP. If the gloves are on, this will flip them off to provoke enemies.

Riposte Stance: Chris will counter attacks for the turn. If Chris has his Gloves off, this ability turns them on. If the gloves are turned on, Chris gains Magic Reflect for the turn as well. This ability always goes first.

Magic Stance: Chris buffs his magic defense and attack. He also gains MP Regen and instantly recovers 15% of his MP.

Defender's Stance: This is Chris's final technique he can acquire from his personal quest before the final dungeon. It essentially replaces Bracing Stance. It heals an ally and boosts their defense. In addition, Chris will protect weakened allies and provoke attacks.


We've got a lot more characters still to go.

Tanks: Wes and George make the other two tanks for the real world team. Wes is more of a disabler than a straight up tank, but he has a few gadgets and tricks to let him remain durable, even if his base defenses and HP are fairly mediocre. George wears power armor; he's pure tank.

Healers: Dr. Pras and Kiley Shoust take two different approaches to healing, a pure science approach and a more spiritual approach.

Damage Dealers: Victoria and Alicia bring AoE machine guns and explosions to the team, while Regina and Jennifer bring single target power.

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