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First Three Sets of Skills

The first three characters have had their first official draft of skills completed! You can click more to see them.

You can also find all the images here.

The Dream World characters can be found on this blog here.

The Real World characters can be found on this blog here.

Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs.

Arthur is the hero of the Dream World, which means he has to do a little bit of everything. His primary role is the party's tank. He fills this role by being hard to kill, protecting his allies and being threatening enough that enemies have to target him.

Infuse Armor: This is his bread and butter tanking skill. Most of his abilities key off of his Max HP stat, and Infuse Armor buffs his HP, heals him based on his Max HP and grants him HP Regen. He will be using this ability early and often.

Elerian Healing: This healing spell keys off Arthur's Max HP and can target any ally. It also buffs that ally's Defense and Magic Defense. It can be cast out of combat to prepare for a difficult fight.

Elerian Tactics: Arthur heals an ally for a little bit, but also buffs that ally and restores 10 TP [so Arthur can cast it on himself and be refunded 10 TP of the 20 it costs to cast.]

Blade of Eleria: Arthur's strongest attack skill. It deals holy damage scaled by Arthur's attack stats and Max HP. It also taunts all enemies into attacking him for a short while.

Emerald Call: Arthur revives a dead ally, bringing them back with an HP Buff and HP Regen.

Electric Blade/Shield Stance: Arthur only gets one of these abilities, based on a choice in the story. Electric Blade gives him a stun and allows him to deal electric damage, letting him be more aggressive. Shield Stance heals an ally for a small amount, but also buffs that ally's HP and DEF. For the next several turns, Arthur will intercept attacks for weakened allies.

Emerald Vow: This self heal sets Arthur up to defend his allies. It taunts enemies, buffs his Max HP, grants HP Regen and -- just in case his taunt is ineffective, he will intercept attacks for weakened allies.

Emerald Mist: This spell grants all allies HP Regen, but inflicts HP Degeneration on Arthur.

Infuse Weapon: Arthur heals 8% of his Max HP, changes his basic attacks to deal Holy damage, gains 10% max HP and 5% attack damage.

Sword and Shield: Removes all ATK and MAT buffs from Arthur, but buffs an allies' DEF, ATK and MAT.  Boosts Arthur's Max HP by 5% and Arthur will intercept attacks for weakened allies.

Elerian Strategy: This is the first in a set of abilities that each character has. Each character has a weak ability that removes them from the active party, moving them to the back of the marching order, allowing them to tag in the next character in the formation to the fight. Arthur's ability grants some TP to his allies and buffs their Agility before retiring to the back of the marching order.

Sherwood is the first permanent party member Arthur meets, and she brings high, single target damage that Arthur lacks. Not only that, but later in the game, she'll bring useful skills to bypass physical defenses.

Earth Spirit Quiver: This ability toggles a buff on Sherwood. When active, she gains significant attack stats and becomes resistant to Earth and Electric damage. However, she rapidly loses MP, and if she runs out of MP, the buff fades. The buff also grants 5% Critical Hit Chance and causes her basic attacks to deal Earth damage, allowing her to hurt enemies that resist physical damage.

Smoke Arrow: This is Sherwood's escape ability. It deals light damage to a single target and attempts to blind them before she escapes.

Poison Arrow: This is a long-term buff that gives Sherwood a chance to poison enemies. This is useful for enemies with high physical defenses since it gives Sherwood a way to still damage them.

Called Shot: This attack can critically hit, and if it does, it refunds Sherwood 10 mana. With a high enough crit rate, this can help pay for itself and keep Earth Spirit Quiver up for another turn.

Piercing Shot: Fires two arrows at the same target. Each arrow has a chance to reduce an enemy's defense and magic defense shots.

Guided Shot: This debuffs all enemies, removing their ability to evade or counterattack.

Quick Draw: Boosts agility, which increases Sherwood's special abilities damage. It also grants her the ability to counter attack for one turn.

Earth Arrow: This single target attack contests Magic Defense instead of physical Defense.

Arrow Rain: A weak attack on all enemies that can critically hit. It is Sherwood's only damaging attack on all enemies, but is otherwise unremarkable.

Channel Quiver: This ability is a high TP move meant to bring Sherwood back into the fight. If her Earth Spirit Quiver buff is active, it buffs her attack and critical rate even more. If it is not active, it grants her MP Regen.

Earth Spirit Barrage: Attacks 5 times, at random. Each attack can crit, and if it does, refunds 10 MP. With a high enough critical hit rate, this ability combined with Earth Spirit Quiver makes Sherwood one of the most effective boss killers [with five high damage, single target shots that normally would be spread out, but against single targets, all have to hit that one target.]

Ranger Focus: Ranger Focus is another buff, but this enhances Sherwood's basic attacks. It gives her a flat ATK buff and lets her basic attack strike twice for the next two turns. This is useful for random encounters to help preserve her MP when you can't reliably keep her crit rate high enough to get mana back on Earth Spirit Quiver/Earth Spirit Barrage.

Perry joins Arthur near the end of Chapter 3 and is the second primary damage dealer on his team. She is a mage who specializes in magic dealing with the sky, giving her access to electric and ice damage. She also can learn the ways of the Necromancer from Nybal during the plot. Where Sherwood helps negate physical defenses, Perry helps the party by providing the only source of magic reflect.

Blink: Perry attempts to cancel an enemy's action and blinks away from combat, moving to the end of the marching order.

Ice Dust: This is an attack all that deals ice damage. If it critically hits an enemy [and doesn't kill them!], it reduces their defenses.

Heaven Strike: This is an attack all that deals electric damage. If it critically hits, it reduces attack stats.

Mana Bolt: This is a single target, non-elemental attack. It paralyzes enemies when it critically hits.

Freezing Grip: This is a single target ice attack that buffs Perry's Magic Defense and negates all incoming ice/water damage to her while the buff lasts.

Necromancer Adept: This boosts Perry's magic attack, critical hit rate and rapidly drains MP from Perry while it lasts. It also hurts to cast it, so don't use it when Perry is weak, or she'll die.

Star Bolt: This is a single target electric attack that buffs Perry's Magic Attack and negates all incoming electric damage to her while the buff lasts.

Read the Stars: Perry buffs herself, gaining MP Regen and reflect.

Hail of Magic: A powerful ice attack on all enemies that is empowered by Perry's Luck. On critical hits, the enemy loses Agility.

Cloak of Stars: Perry buffs all allies, granting them Magic Reflect.

Thundering Sky: A powerful electric attack on all enemies that is empowered by Perry's Luck. On critical hits, the enemy is blinded.

Perry's Comet: A powerful non-elemental attack on all enemies empowered by Perry's Luck. On critical hits, the enemy suffers from HP Degen.


While the specific costs are still subject to tweaking, specifically Perry's MP costs may need to go up/down, this is generally what these characters are going to do. Let me know what you think, and if you think that you like them or not!

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