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Dream World Healer Skills

After making our primary tank's skillset and the two main damage dealers, I thought the next set of skills we should put together are our healers. The two healers for the Dream World team are Nybal, who also brings solid single target damage and durability, and Silas, who helps empower his allies attacks while also healing more as allies get weaker. Click through below to read more!

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Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!

Nybal didn't want to be a hero. He sort of falls into the party because becoming a hero is the only way to achieve his actual goal. He has some powerful healing, along with self-sustain while dealing out damage. In addition to wands and spellbooks, Nybal can equip spears and heavy armor, letting him deal some physical damage to help him conserve his mana pool. His spells deal dark damage. Nybal's main mechanic is Blood Pact. His spells allow him to start a Blood Pact. While this buff is active, his max HP is increased and regenerates HP. Several of his spells expend the Blood Pact to empower them.

Shadow Walk: This skill is Nybal's escape ability. It also provides a minor heal to his HP and MP.

Reknit Flesh: This is Nybal's single target heal. It will consume his Blood Pact to heal for more. If he does not have a Blood Pact formed, it will heal the target and apply Blood Pact for Nybal.

Snap Bone: This is Nybal's basic single target attack spell. It also lowers the enemy's Attack stat. If Nybal has a Blood Pact active, it will be consumed for extra damage. Otherwise, this spell forms a Blood Pact.

Poison Mist: This is a dark damage attack on all enemies that attempts to poison them. In addition, if Nybal has an active Blood Pact, using Poison Mist consumes the Blood Pact to purge him of HP Degeneration and Poison effects.

Smother: This spell is a weak attack that attempts to put enemies to sleep. If Nybal has an active Blood Pact, Smother consumes the Blood Pact to refund Nybal mana (currently, 20 MP, for a net gain of 10 MP.)

Set Body: Removes poison, paralysis, petrify, blind and silence from a single ally. If Nybal has an active Blood Pact, this will also heal the ally.

Aura of the Leech: Gives Nybal a Blood Pact. It deals minuscule damage to an enemy, however it attempts to inflict Poison and HP Degeneration. It also lowers the enemy's DEF and Magic DEF stats. The most important part of the skill though is that it removes HP regeneration effects.

Return Life: A single target raise dead spell. Consumes a Blood Pact to revive the ally with additional HP.

Aura of the Lich: Nybal begins to lose MP, but gains ATK, Magic Attack, Blood Pact and Re-raise.

Memory of the Body: Grants Re-raise to a single ally.

Sever Soul: Attempts to instantly kill an enemy. If it fails, it deals dark damage. Either way, it grants Nybal a Blood Pact.

Death's Lance: A high dark damage attack that is improved by Nybal's attack stat along with his magic attack. If Nybal is under the Aura of the Lich, the attack drains HP instead of just dealing damage.

Banish Death: Revive all dead allies with 30% HP and HP Regen. If Nybal has Blood Pact, the first ally to be revived returns to life with significantly more health. Allies who come back to life from this effect return to life in the Guard state.


Silas is your typical healer. He gets to choose between using a staff for extremely powerful magic or a mace and shield to give him more defense. His heals tend to apply Ocean's Shield to allies. Ocean's Shield reduces all incoming damage by 5% and restores 3% HP each turn for as long as it lasts. It normally fades after one turn, but additional spell casts can reapply it.

Sapphire Infusion: Silas's single target heal. It applies Ocean's Shield and is more powerful the lower the target's HP.

Ocean's Call: A single target magic attack that weakens an enemy's resistance to water and thunder.

Holy Fog: This is Silas's escape move. It grants all allies a 20% chance to evade physical and magical damage for the next turn and moves Silas to the back of the marching order.

Purify Body: Removes all negative status effects from an ally and applies Ocean's Shield.

Sapphire Glow: A heal all that is more powerful on injured allies. Applies Ocean's Shield.

Earth's Call: A single target magic attack that weakens an enemy's resistance to earth and fire.

Water of Life: Where Nybal excels in keeping himself alive, Silas is much better at keeping his allies in the fight. This single target revive returns an ally with 35% health, Ocean's Shield and Re-raise.

Heaven's Call: A single target magic attack that weakens an enemy's resistance to dark and holy.

Ocean Charm: This is Silas's most important buff. It improves his Magic Attack and Magic Defense, but it also reduces the cost of his spells [which is why his spell costs are higher.]

Purification Wave: This removes all harmful status effects from all allies. It has a 75% chance to apply Ocean's Shield.

Typhoon's Call: A single target magic attack that weakens an enemy's resistance to wind and physical.

Holy Mist: Grants all allies 20% magic and physical evade, Ocean's Shield and provides a minor heal based on missing HP.

Great Wave: Revives all dead allies with 55% HP, Ocean's Shield and Re-raise.


Next, we'll have Lydia and Muriel. Lydia is another damage dealer. As a seer and pathfinder, she specializes in finding weaknesses and interrupting actions. Muriel is a Knight of the Hearth, an order of knights who inscribe runes on their allies' weapons and armors to help protect them.

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