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Dream World: Final Two Characters

The last two characters we're going to look at are our second tank and a unique damage dealer.

Click here to see the party's healers, Nybal and Silas.

You can click here to see the first three characters' skills (Arthur, Perry and Sherwood).

You can also find all the images here. You can note that some people's class names have changed as development went on!

The Dream World characters can be found on this blog here.

The Real World characters can be found on this blog here.

Costs in Green are TP abilities, which are like limit breaks, but with variable costs [so, you don't always have to blow your entire limit gauge.] Abilities with light blue/white costs are MP costs. As before, some costs will still need to be tweaked and everyone doesn't get everything at level 1!

Muriel is tank. You probably noticed she has a lot of abilities compared to everyone else. Her first five abilities can only be used out of combat to grant a buff to an ally. Only one of these runes can be active on a character at a time. She is able to expel or unleash her allies' runes to empower her abilities. Some of her abilities are also empowered by expending her own runes; in combat, she has ways to reapply her own runes to increase her defenses and keep her fighting. Muriel can equip greatswords, swords, tomes, heavy armor, helmets and large shields.

Muriel's five basic runes are fairly straight forward, each buffing certain stats:

Hearth Rune: 5% Health increase
Soul Rune: 5% MP increase
Power Rune: 5% Attack and Magic Attack increase
Barrier Rune: 5% Defense and Magic Defense increase
Evasion Rune: 5% to Physical Evade, 8% reduced chance to be critically hit

The remainder of her abilities require a bit more explaining.

Weakening Rune: This is Muriel's escape ability. She reduces an enemy's damage by 15% for one round, while moving herself to the back of the line. This is an excellent way for her to protect her allies, even when retreating, and can be useful when trying to survive spike damage.

Shielding Rune: This buffs an ally's Defense and Magic Defense stats for three turns. It also will remove any rune on Muriel to heal her for 15% of her health.

Striking Rune: This buffs an ally's Attack and Magic Attack stats for three turns. It also will remove any rune on Muriel to heal her for 15% of her Max HP.

Regeneration Rune: Grants Muriel a rune that grants HP and MP Regeneration. This can stack with one of her basic runes. It can also be removed to empower her other abilities.

Blazing Rune: This is Muriel's primary damage dealing attack, since it uses TP instead of her limited MP pool. It is a single target, fire damage attack.

Expel Rune: This allows Muriel to completely cleanse an ally of status debuffs. In addition, if the ally has a rune, the rune is removed and the ally is healed 15% of their Max HP.

Challenger's Rune: Until Muriel gets this, she's a fairly mediocre tank. This lets her provoke attacks and take attacks for her injured allies. In addition, while this rune is active, Muriel will receive damage as if she was in the Guard state, but her damage is greatly reduced. This rune can be removed with Muriel's abilities to empower them.

Hearth's Flame: When Muriel needs to do damage, she can spend her MP to use this spell to bypass most of an enemy's defense. It also gives her a chunk of TP, which she can then spend to use her Blazing Rune or Unleash Rune.

Unleash Rune: This ability takes some time to charge up, or for Muriel to spam Hearth's Flame. This will remove a rune from an ally and immediately restore 15% of that ally's MP. During longer segments of the game, abusing this may be able to save significantly on resources.

Hearthforged: Muriel grants a single ally immunity to fire damage and HP Regeneration. In addition, Muriel will counter attack and protect injured allies. Combining this with Challenger's Rune will allow Muriel to negate a significant amount of incoming physical attacks.

Phoenix Rune: This rune cannot be consumed to empower Muriel's other abilities. This unleashes a fire attack on all enemies. It generates some TP for Muriel, but the most important part of the ability is that it provokes all enemies and grants Muriel Re-raise, in case she bites off more than she can chew!

Lydia is part of a religious sect that believes they have been ordained by the spirits of Eleria to guide her people, both physically and spiritually. Her abilities grant Second Sight, a buff that grants +100% Hit Rate, +15% Critical Rate, +20% Attack, and will cause basic attacks to inflict Bad Luck on enemies. Bad Luck is a debuff that some of her abilities apply, or that can be inflicted using Second Sight. Bad Luck causes an enemy's Attack and Agility to be reduced to 90% and removes the enemy's ability to critically hit or evade attacks. Unlike Perry, Lydia doesn't do high spike damage, but deals consistent damage while being the sturdiest of the three DPS. Unlike Sherwood, Lydia can't simply spam basic attacks with only investing a turn or two to keeping her attacks up; she needs to constantly find ways to reapply Second Sight for the damage boost and weave between her MP/TP abilities and basic attacks, making her more tempo based and resource reliant than Sherwood. Lydia can equip Greatswords, one-handed maces, light shields, heavy armor and hats.

Wayfinder Strike: This is Lydia's bread and butter ability. It can't miss, grants Lydia Second Sight to empower her next basic attacks (or abilities that use her Attack in damage calculations, which is all of them) and weakens the enemy's damage for a few turns.

Guiding Hand: This is Lydia's retreat maneuver. It grants an ally Second Sight and moves Lydia to the back of the marching order.

Disrupting Strike: Lydia deals wind damage and attempts to silence her target. Buffs Lydia's Magic Attack.

Disrupting Wave: This attack inflicts Bad Luck on all enemies, grants Lydia Second Sight and attempts to silence all enemies.

See The Future: This ability grants Lydia and her target Second Sight. They will also both gain TP. The target will gain Evasion, evading physical and magical attacks for the remainder of this turn and the next [though some attacks will bypass this evasion.]

Gusting Weapon: This is Lydia's major damage buff. Her attacks now deal wind damage. She gets a boost to her Agility, Attack and Magic Attack. Her basic attacks may also inflict HP Degeneration on enemies. Also, whenever she casts Gusting Weapon, Lydia attacks an enemy at random, so you don't even lose a turn of damage by casting this buff.

Prophetic Visions: All allies gain a small amount of TP and Second Sight. Lydia will attack twice, targeting random enemies.

Vacuum Strike: A strong attack against a single target that buffs Lydia's Magic Attack and attempts to inflict Sleep.

Hurricane Wave: A wind attack on all enemies. Grants Lydia Second Sight, inflicts Bad Luck on all enemies and attempts to blind them. Also debuffs their agility.

Good Fortune: This is Lydia's most unique ability. When using it, it buffs Lydia to double the amount of gold dropped and to increase the chance of items dropping [it does not stack!] Using it also causes Lydia to cast Wayfinder Strike.

Omen of Doom: Lydia dies so her friends can live. She grants all of her allies Second Sight and Evasion, evading physical and magical attacks for the remainder of this turn and the next [though some attacks will bypass this evasion.] Before she dies, Lydia will cast Hurricane Strikes.

True Sight Strike: Lydia makes a single target physical attack that bypasses most of an enemy's defense. She also will immediately cast Gusting Weapon [including getting the bonus attack from Gusting Weapon.]


You can have four people in your active party, with three in reserve, ready to rotate in if you use anyone's escape/retreat ability. A balanced party will usually have one of Muriel or Arthur, one of Silas or Nybal, and then two of Sherwood, Perry or Lydia.

Next week, we'll start revealing the Real World Team's skills and mechanics.

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