Friday, June 26, 2015

Supreme Court Thoughts

1. No more stealing raisins. That's good. I like raisins. They should not be stolen.

2. Exchanged established by the state include those not established by the state, even though in some places we stated established by the federal government and the states, and we define that the term doesn't include the federal government. Those states that were advised that they needed their own exchanges or their citizens would be screwed? Suckers. You shouldn't've spent all that money. But it is OK, you couldn't have known the plain language would mean something different when it was convenient for it to mean something else. The right way to have reached this decision: Grant a stay until Congress fixed the law.

3. Gay marriage is decided, which is good. It is decided in a way that is... not particularly solid legal reasoning. It bothers me when things I like are decided in a slapdash way. If I had a chance to vote in a referendum, I'd vote to allow gay marriage. There are solid reasons grounded in contracts [who can contract what] that alone makes gay marriage something the state should argue for. Divorcing what the state calls marriage from its religious roots is also something that the state should be doing. State marriage is a pre-determined set of contracts/agreements between two individuals. Instead, Kennedy and the court have loaded it down with emotional filler. This is going to be a decision that won't be looked at too critically because a good chunk of the population likes the result [including me]. But, I'd have liked a meatier reasoning behind it.

4. Asking for a motel registry is a search. This was obvious to pretty much everyone, but hey, at least we know that for certain.

That's my thought on the four cases I remember off the top of my head.

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