Sunday, June 21, 2015

A List of Single Player Games Matt Must Play

I have my MMOs and MOBAs that I need to play regularly (WoW, FF14, LoL, HotS.)

But, what single player experiences do I own, that I have not yet completed?

Alan Wake (Steam)
Avernum, the Series (Good Old Games)
Back to the Future, Telltale Series (Steam)
Banner Saga
Broken Age (Steam)
Castle Crashers (Steam)
Chroma Squad (Steam)
Dreamfall Chapters (Steam)
Dragon Age 2 (Origin)
LA Noire (Steam)
Mass Effect 3 (Origin)
The Next Big Thing Series (Steam)
Shadowrun Dragonfall (Steam)
Syberia 1 + 2 (Steam)
Tales From the Borderlands (Steam)
Telepath Tactics (Steam)
Valkyria Chronicles (Steam)

Arcade like games I should play more frequently:

D&D Chronicles of Mystara (Steam)
Gauntlet (Steam)
Hero Siege (Steam)
One Way Heroics (Steam)

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