Wednesday, February 25, 2015


When a new series is released, I go through a mental list of "How much will this suck?" Let me walk you through it with the newly Playstation show, Powers.

1. Super Powers are fun, and I remember Heroes Season One. Suck Potential: Low.

2. Wait, I also remember Heroes, Season 2. Suck Potential: Moderate.

3. Let's see who is making it. Oh... a... video game company? That's... not promising.

4. The concept sounds like some weird cross between CSI and Heroes. Suck potential: VERY HIGH.

5. The main characters are named Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim. Suck Likelihood is raised to: PROBABLY WRITTEN BY FINE ARTS MASTERS TRYING TO MAKE SOMETHING "EDGY."

6. But, wait! It has Eddie Izzard in it, so, Suck Likelihood redefined to: AT LEAST SOME MIGHT BE WATCHABLE.

Of course, odds are I won't ever watch it. But! At least  I believe it might be Not Too Sucky.

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