Saturday, January 3, 2015

10 x 10 for 2015

Last year, I was told that some people do this 10 x 10 challenge, which is 10 boardgames played 10 times throughout the year. For 2015, I went through my collection and picked a bunch of games that I want to play more frequently. In no particular order, here are my 10 x 10.

1. Magic: The Gathering, Commander
I have a bunch of pre-built Commander decks, and every now and then I'll sit down and theory out a deck. This is my commitment to actually playing Commander more in 2015. If people near me want an introduction to Commander, I'll be keeping the mono-colored Planeswalker pre-constructed decks built as if they came right out of the box, so I can give you a run-down of Commander with decks of roughly equal strength and design.

2. Gammarauders
This is a game from the 80s that, frankly, I didn't know existed until I saw the art. At that point? At that point I was sold. I've yet to actually play it, but I can be a teleporting turtle. Aren't you sold? This is a fairly heavy game, and not exactly new people friendly.

3. Once Upon a Time
Swapped out per comment below; no link provided.

4. The Resistance: Avalon
I looked through my hidden role games, and I felt like this was the most user friendly of the lot. I like this game because it can be social, play quick and give players of differing likes and skill levels something to enjoy from the game. I've always had fun with it before, and I think it'll be something that people will learn they like.

5. Castle of the Devil
Where Avalon is light and fluffy, Castle of the Devil is much more, let's call it cut throat? I don't know a good word for it. It's a game that appears simple, until things start happening. Then you have memory elements, trust elements and trying to determine exactly who is on your team [and are they STILL on your team at this point in the game!]

6. Quantum
This game does interesting thing with dice. That alone intrigued me, and after playing some games with it, I think it's a good, solid 4-Xish type game that plays quick and light enough that you can introduce to people not familiar with the concepts/play style. Since games are over so quick, there's time for trial and error without feeling like you've made a bad choice [like making a bad gamble early in Eclipse may set you up for an hour and a half of suffering.]

7. Grimoire Shuffle
I have never gotten to play this game, and I got the Minigame Library years ago. Ok, that's a lie. I played it once, but it was four players. We were learning the game, and we were on a time crunch. Now that I'm more familiar with the game, I think this is a good team vs. team game where the objectives are nice and simple. It's capture the flag, sort of, with wizards. Everyone likes wizards. Plus, I have wizard hats as pawns, so, we should play it.

8. Hanabi
I have a bunch of nifty things that help take care of the memory part of the game, and I enjoy trying to solve puzzles as a team. Hanabi is probably one of the best built games I've played in a long time, and it is simple. I like elegant designs like this, and I will always be willing to play more games like this.

9. Kings of Air and Steam
I was hesitant about this game, and I also really wanted to play it. I've finally got a copy. It's one of the games that, frankly, I don't know a lot of people are going to enjoy. It's a pick-up-and-deliver game with pre-programmed movements. Yeah, I know, a lot of you are groaning already. The box was neatly sorted, and it came with enough bags for the pieces. That's, pretty awesome and worth playing a few games during the year. Unfortunately, once I repacked the box, it is just a smidge too big with the parts organized so the player parts are together [and the airships are free-floating in there instead of attached to their player cubes, cards and special rules.] A prime game for a re-org.

10. Temporum
This was a gift. I literally know just enough from unpacking it and glancing over the rules. What I do know: It's About Time, like Chrono Trigger. Therefore, it is potentially awesome. Also, there is a Balloon Revolution and an Age of Cats. The box can probably be simplified and made smaller, but it is pretty, so I'm keeping it as is.

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  1. Swapping out Ace Detective for Once Upon a Time, since I've got people who I know will want to play that.


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