Sunday, February 9, 2014

Building an EDH Deck

So, now that I've finished logging all the creatures, it is time to pick a commander to start building a deck around. Here are a few of the rules:

1. I've removed any commander I know other people I'm playing with are using as theirs, just to avoid Lameness.

2. Not that I think I have any, but any purely vanilla legendary creatures are out. They're just Not Fun. Also, Chandler/Glissa got removed because, while I won't mind playing a clunky commander, such narrow hate is not fun [I guess I'll find ways to tutor a Mycosynth Lattice/ways to turn your permanents into artifacts... yay?]

3. Likewise, two other generals that are just Not Fun were removed [Dosan and Empress Galina -- one stops spells other people's spells on your turn, the other kills legendary things.] I also cut Captain Sisay for the same reason [Just fishing up excellent legendary creatures is not very interactive/fun.]

4. Brothers Yamazaki were removed because, well, there will never be two of them [due to the Highlander rule.]

5. Rofellos and Kokusho are banned as a general, so I removed them.

That, conveniently, leaves me with exactly 100 Legendary creatures. So, at some point tomorrow, I'll pick one at random. Then, we'll start building a Commander deck. Click here for the deckbox with my available generals. As you can see, there's some real crap in there. If I draw Karn, though, I may actually need to spend time and see if I actually have enough non-basic lands to play him.

Deck Construction Rules:

1. The deck needs to actually use the Commander as a focus piece, either thematically or mechanically. So, if I draw a crap general, I can't just play a good-stuff deck that leaves him/her/it in the Command Zone. No sir, if I draw Sidar Jabari, we're finding ways to make him swing for lethal, and finding auras for Hakim, Loreweaver to recur for some benefit. We will find a way to untap Jeska, Warrior Adept and let her be a pinging mad Tim. We'll find ways to work around crippling drawbacks! Did we draw a Myojin who isn't getting a divinity counter for not being played from our hand? Fine! We'll get it INTO OUR BLEEPING HAND! This is Commander: Anything goes, and it MUST GO.

2. Minimal buying specific things, we're going to work with my existing collection for the first draft, unless we absolutely need things to make a deck work [such as more colorless non-basic lands for Karn.]

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