Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Lie of the Year

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This year, President Obama's statement "if you like your health care plan, you can keep it" was rated by Politifact as the lie of the year. Now, you should know, if you've read my old politics blogs, that you need to be careful about trusting Politifact.

Oddly enough, despite their declared "lie of the year" being something I agree with, I hold to my previous statement. You can't trust them. Want to know why? Because this is a do-over. Back in 2009, they said the statement was half true. They even said it while admitting in their conclusion: "It's not realistic for Obama to make blanket statements that "you" will be able to "keep your health care plan." It seems like rhetoric intended to soothe people that health care reform will not be overly disruptive."

Other things that make the statement half true: "" It seems likely that at least some people will have employers who decide to change plans when different plans become available, most likely any small businesses that currently offer health insurance. They will be allowed into the exchange right away, and it seems likely some might find a better deal there and change plans." Also: Back during the campaign in 2008, the same statement was unequivocally true!

Politifact can't rewrite the past, and the third time is a charm. But, they should not get any kudos from any one, let alone right-leaning pundits, for finally calling it the right way.

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