Saturday, November 16, 2013

The X-Files Today Tweets -- 1

Could the X-Files have been successful made even about 10 years after its debut? The first episode came out in 1993. By 2002, digital cameras were being included on cell phones. Imagine how the X-Files would work if Mulder and Scully could snap a few pics during their investigations. Imagine their Tweets.

"Episode 1: Pilot"

SpookyMulder is now following you.

@SpookyMulder Damn it Mulder, how did you get this? This isn't for work.

@AgentStarbuck Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?

@SpookyMulder Logically, no. I'd expound but #CharacterLimits

@AgentStarbuck You can tell me all about it. We've got a plane to catch tomorrow.

@AgentStarbuck Test

@AgentStarbuck Test2

@AgentStarbuck Check the date stamps! We totally are missing some time!

@SpookyMulder Time can't disappear Mulder.

@AgentStarbuck #IWantToBelieve

* * *


@AgentStarbuck  Look at this! It is SO a UFO-technology enhanced U.S. fighter. [Click to see attachment]

@SpookyMulder It's just a freak weather anomaly.

@AgentStarbuck  You always say that. I'm totally going to show you this time. #SneakingOnToTheBase

@SpookyMulder Damn it Mulder.

* * *


@SpookyMulder Go away. You're going to ruin our stakeout.

@AgentStarbuck I won't. I'm totally doing #MyOwnStakeout

SpookyMulder Tweeted: #BetrayedMyCalmCoolExterior

@AgentStarbuck Hey, Tooms isn't at his place. Is this your necklace? [Click to see attachment]

@SpookyMulder Yeah. I thought I lost it. Where'd you find it?

@AgentStarbuck It was with Tooms' trophies from his victims that will conveniently disappear by the next time he's featured. P.S. Get your gun. BTW, I was right.

@SpookyMulder Damn it Mulder. Now is not the time for an I told you so.

* * *

"Jersey Devil"

@AgentStarbuck So, I think I found the Jersey Devil

@SpookyMulder On a date. Leave me alone.

@AgentStarbuck No, really. Look #TotallyANeanderthal [Click to see attachment]

@SpookyMulder I am not coming to New Jersey. #NothingGoodComesFromNewJersey

@AgentStarbuck I gave my hotel away to a homeless dude and got arrested. Bail me out?

@SpookyMulder #DamnItMulder

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  1. That's actually something that was broached in White Wolf's v20 lineup -- how can you preserve the masquerade in the era of the internet and cell phone cameras. The general idea was that through appropriate use of DMCA notifications, manipulation of carriers, and internet trolling, and a healthy dose of skepticism (and the perception that everything is photoshopped) most leaked pictures disappear or are dismissed ala creepypasta. Similarly, cell phone "outages", dead zones, or signal reductions limit communication opportunity. If all else fails, any attention paid to a phone may distract a character at an essential moment. A hand on a phone is also not a hand on a gun -- or on a flashlight. Finally, even if it's on vibrate it might give the character away.


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