Sunday, November 3, 2013

Random Quotes

Still working on what I want to write for NaNoWriMo. Here are some random quotes from old drafts of in progress works that I have to try and get me into the writing mood.

"Rachel's car is held together by her brother's indomitable will, elbow grease, technical know-how and animal sacrifices. Only two of those things explain the smell. You can't see the blood I'm sure is used to power the beast because the inside is a gaudy red leather interior, matched exteriorly (is that the word for a car's outsides?) cherry red. It looks pretty, but do not be deceived."


"Rachel loved her cat. But Hamlet was evil to other people who were not Rachel. I assume it was used to her noise. So quiet, shy, little people like me were viewed as weak. So it would attack them."


"What would I teach these kids?"

"I don't know. Maybe shooting? You still go shooting, right?"

"Oh yes! Brilliant Gail. 'And this is Ms. Gail Heather Travis’s friend, Ms. Rachel Allison Sidney children. She's going to teach you to shoot deer and pretty birds!'"

"It is brilliant Rachel! It'll go over well with the at-risk youth! 'Learn how to pop caps – with style!'"

"No one talks like that."

"I heard it on YouTube. Besides, what about Sigourney Weaver? Sigourney Weaver shot things. Shooting things is empowering. Don't we want to empower little girls?"


"Sara says she wants to be a lion tamer when she grows up. But she's scared of Milo the stray cat that lives behind the school. I don't think she'll be a very good lion tamer."


"Eddie also said that [the new teacher] actually liked math. Not in the fake-liking math way that Ms. Seldon did, but like, she wanted to marry a mathematician and do sums all day. I think Eddie was pulling my leg."


"When we got back to class, we got to write about what we did on our summer vacation. We went to the Grand Canyon. When no one was looking, I threw a rock down. It was very big and pretty. But I'm not sure why we went all the way there just to see it. It was a very long way to go for a big, colorful hole. We also saw the Hoover Dam, but I didn't write about that, because we're not supposed to swear in class."


"Dad didn't have a lot of friends. Mom said he needed to get out more. I'm not sure where he would go. What do Dads do anyway? Besides, whenever he wasn't home, she would always ask me 'Do you know where your father is? Why hasn't he fixed the shelves? Did he remember to take out the trash?' You'd think with all the things Mom wanted him to do, she'd be happy he didn't have any friends."

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