Friday, November 29, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013: Complete

While some of you are out Black Friday shopping, some of us are getting non-Christmas related things done. Some of us, for example, have finished our 2013 NaNoWriMo story. This also seems like a prime opportunity to update my Matt's Fiction table of contents. Please let me know if any of the fiction links do not work. Consider this your chance to catch up on some of the worst Matt Fiction available on the Web.

Completed Drafts:

"Emergent Problems" -- NaNoWriMo 2013 Story
In the not too distant future, a private conglomerate, with government and military backing, has launched the Drake, a pioneer class research and exploration vessel set to access deep space. A series of problems plague the Drake's launch, and the crew, both aboard and back on Earth, must find and stop the problems before they doom the ship.

"Across the Gap: The Story of Dana Littleton"
After war has reduced civilization into a few remaining habitable city states, technology has become a blessing and a curse. Dana Littleton, an intrepid young girl, sets out on a quest to find the cure for her little brother's slow moving illness. She must find mentors and allies to help her navigate this strange and dangerous world.

"The Coming Flood"
A group of young soldiers are dispatched to a run down hamlet on the medieval frontier. Here, a dark creature walks among the populace, and the only thing standing between it and the heart of the nation are the inquisitors of the nation and these young, inexperienced men.

"In the Land of Giants" -- NaNoWriMo 2012 Story
Mosey, a young explorer, has found a path to the sky where the giants dwell. Upon his return to his home, he quickly learns that this knowledge may prove more dangerous than even he anticipated.

"Old School Methods"
Roscoe and his dog Lincoln are some of the oldest members of the police force. They are also some of the most honest, which in the world of Shadowrun means they are also in the most danger. When a high-tech research station is attacked, it is up to Roscoe, his dog and his hot shot partner to restore law and order, or at least, what resembles law and order in their world.

"The Church Behind the Gate"
A young boy, adamant to keep the name everyone tells him is stupid, goes on an adventure to make the world a little more fair.

"An Unusual Deduction"
When a man with an unusual power finds his wife murdered, he employs every tool available to bring the killer to justice. Even if it costs him his sanity. Version 2 is available here.

"A Night Off the Streets"
After another mysterious death in the big city, two homeless men meet in a diner to plan their way out of what is becoming a dangerous situation. When one ends the night at a laid back hotel, the situation goes critical and it will take him all of his wits and skill to survive.

"Lucy and Sam"
A comedy inspired by situational comedies of the 70s. 80s and 90s. Lucy, a young woman trying to make it on her own in California, works at a busy chain restaurant while trying to get their lives in order. Sam is a failing ladies man who just wants to be respected. Together, they try to better understand who they are and their place in the world.

Drafts in Progress:

"The Late Night Problem"
A man wakes up in a deserted alley way to find a cryptic message telling him it his last chance. To make things worse, the voices in his head have no better idea what he should be doing than he does.

Potential Protagonist #1 and Potential Protagonist #2

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  1. Just a reminder: I am not promising you QUALITY. Most of these are pretty bad and rough in a lot of places. You have been WARNED that they , on average, suck.


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