Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Simple Three-Step Process

After today, I really think that we all, as a people, need to select for compromise in our politicians more aggressively than we do. Sort of try and evolve it into them, like scientists with micro-organisms. But, here's the thing, we already have a set of politicians that are willing to compromise. I have said since the ACA debacle that cost the Democrats the House that if they had had a politician like Steny Hoyer instead of Nancy Pelosi, they'd have gotten what they wanted and kept the House.

Republicans have offered multiple proposals (defund/delay being the most unlikely to succeed, but also asking for just minor concessions, like subjecting Congress to the ACA or just repealing the medical device tax.) Yet, instead of getting to deal with a moderate Democrat Senator like Manchin, they are stuck dealing with a hyper-partisan Reid, who has flatly announced he does not want to negotiate.

An interesting sci-fi novel would take this, and run with it. What if someone started a commune where we genetically selected leaders. Would we end up with the immediately assumed dystopia? Our current selection methods lead us to cities like Detroit and Chicago, failing or failed. But, we have the ballot box to prevent actual affronts to our republic (or simply to say, no, Carlos Danger, we have our limits.)

Ultimately, this shut down is caused because the Senate could not reach a compromise, but that's just a symptom of the problem. Today, while our government couldn't decide if it should pay for itself for a week, it was paying park police to erect barricades to keep World War II veterans from visiting a memorial on public land. Our current crop of politicians have skewed priorities, and frankly, voting all the bums out is just a start. We need to fundamentally review the entrenched bureaucracy in D.C., but that won't happen so long as we have a government that allows the IRS to be used as a weapon against political opponents.

The best way to keep someone from using a weapon is to take it away; we need to seriously look at curtailing the power of the federal government until it can get its house in order. A simple, three-step process: 1. Vote the bums out; 2. Ensure the new bums never get the same level power as the old bums; 3. Remind the new bums what happened to the old bums, loudly, repeatedly. Then, vote them out even if they listen, just to remind them who holds the power in this relationship.

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