Saturday, September 21, 2013

National Book Festival

Some photos from the book festival today. After a speaker in the history tent, I ended up speaking with a middle-aged man with politics that are different than mine

"Republicans are never willing to cut defense."

Followed, a few minutes later with, "Why won't Republicans let us end the sequester? DoD needs money!"

When pressed, he said that the sequester cuts didn't count. Why? Because Republicans would end them if they could. It is the sort of beautiful political blindness that you would expect not to find within D.C., but, there it is. I also have no doubt if I lived in an area that was red, I'd find more examples of this from the right. But, right now, free blog content is free blog content

Pictures below the fold.

I like the double meaning of my caption.
Books that changed the world. I didn't write any.

I liked the sign.


So... why can't they always have maps this well done?

Listened to some speakers here and at the Fiction stand.

Discussing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Performing the same.


You have one more day to go. Check their schedule and go!

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