Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sam and Kenny get Cherry Cokes

I like this section because Sam and Kenny get to just be Sam and Kenny for a bit. Kenny is something of a chivalrous pervert, which is fun to write. Sam's focus is also a nice contrast to Kenny's broader goals. It's a much different dynamic than Lucy and Christine. Kenny is more the oddball silly one, sort of like Lucy's ramblings and saying crazy things, while also being the trouble maker and instigator like Christine. Sam is the more level-headed, even-keeled one, like Christine, while being more like Lucy in his execution. Thus far, someone could probably write an interesting thesis on gender views by comparing the qualities demonstrated by our leads, but I'm not really fond of gendering my writing.

Anyway, table of contents here.

* * *

As I walked Susan inside, I caught a glimpse of myself in the lobby mirror. I always regret when I ask Kenny to do something because, quite frankly, he’s unreliable in some ways. When you need someone to pretend to be a Russian tourist searching for the secret of New York vodka, he’s more than willing to throw himself into character. When you want him to not rent you a bright pink tuxedo, he’s, well, less than reliable.

“It’s festive.”

“One does not attend a breast cancer charity event to be ‘festive,’” I had argued. Besides, I had honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to convince Susan I had misled her about being gay when Kenny and I showed up in matching pink suits. I at least had the decency to wear a tie that matched the ensemble.

Inside, I dumped Susan off with Christine and Lucy, while grabbing Kenny. “Ok, let’s go catch up with Peter,” I said.

“I think we should check for him at the bar.”

“You always think we should check for everyone at the bar,” I said.

“It usually works out,” He said. “Besides, Christine was jealous of Lucy’s cherry coke. She wanted one too.”

“Tell her to get it herself,” I said. “We’ve got missions to do.”

“Are you forgetting something?” Kenny said. “We’re going to be dropping a ton of bricks on her tonight. We should be extra nice to her.”

“I thought you had a strict no rebound rule,” I said.

“It’ll be a mutual rebound,” Kenny said. “Now that we’re no longer an item.”

“I had forgotten your unique charms,” I said. “Fine, let’s check the bar, get the coke, then go find Peter.”

“What does Susan want?”

“To step on my feet. With pointy shoes,” I said.

“You should offer to get her something from the bar,” Kenny said. “I know you’re on this whole justice kick and whatever, but there’s no harm charming a pretty girl while you do it.”

“You do realize that she thinks I’m setting her up with Lucy, right?”

“It won’t be the first time you’ve started behind the eight ball,” Kenny said. “I’m trying to work more sports metaphors into my conversation. It makes me seem more manly.”

“Yeah, you’re going to need all the help in that department,” I said as we made our way to the bar; I had decided we’d just also get Susan a cherry coke. “Seeing as your idea of manliness is a pink suit.”

“It’s appropriately festive!”

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  1. Note: Sam doesn't feel the need to upper case cherry coke. It is not a proper noun to him; it is just a kind of soda. Whereas, Lucy considers it a proper noun, something so important it gets capital letters.


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