Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Intermediate Post

Not at home, but I'm able to post a single quick post on Lucy and Sam. I'll just copy and paste it into the main file when I have my computer back, since I forgot to synch up my Google Drive version for the last month or so. Or ever, to be totally honest. Here's the Table of Contents.

* * *

Kenny has  an unhealthy fascination with diner food. He thinks that it is the most quintessential and true American food. He also has a thing for the waitress uniforms. I let him pick the place for breakfast, and we found ourselves at some tiny hole in the wall. He ordered something covered in bacon; I just got coffee. It seemed like the right thing to do at a diner.

"Ok, so go over your plan. "

"We meet the girls, I tell the reporter the truth, then we go there and deliver Lucy's puppets."

"Yeah. That sounds like a plan, I think."

"Oh, and if possible, we bring Christine to see Peter," I said.

"That's kind of a dick move," Kenny said between bites. "I approve."

Normally, I would be disturbed when he so readily agreed to my plans, but I think we approved of the plan for different reasons. He wanted to screw over Peter, and I just wanted to set things right.

"So, what's my job in all of this?"

"Have fun," I said. "Maybe hit on a girl or do whatever you normally do at these sorts of things."

Kenny shook his head. "No, I think I'll just follow your lead. This should be fun. Do I need a fake accent for anything?"

"No. No fake accents; no fake names. No anything. We're going to be there as tellers of truth," I said. "Even harsh, unpleasant truths."

"Do you want to get started on the truth-telling a little early?"

"Sure. Do I need to get French toast for this?"

"I changed your tuxedo rental. To a pink one, in case, you know, you can't go through with it."

"I'm going to go through with it," I said. "This is actually important to me, so I'd like it if you don't joke around."

"I'm not. I figured if you do go through with it, you could say: 'And real men wear pink!'"

"Call them up and fix it," I said. It was odd; usually Kenny's antics took me off stride much more than it was today. It was like I'd found a purpose, so I couldn't be shaken.

"Alright. So, tell me about the puppets." I figured that was a fair question, and I began to tell Kenny about the puppets.

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