Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Quick Overview Before the Conclusion

And, here we go. You may need a refresher, so here is our cast of characters. Lucy and Sam are our two principals. Kenny and Christine are their more laid back, comedic foils and best friends. Christine is dating Peter, who has a son that Sam and Kenny saved from an allergic reaction when Peter dumped Junior off at their bowling alley. That's when Sam and Kenny learned Peter is married, a fact hidden from Lucy and Christine. Lucy works at the Olive Garden, where Sam used to work until their boss Annette fired him for his bungling. Fiona also works at the Olive Garden; she is currently dating Mortimer, Sam's mechanic. Peter is trying to help Sam and Kenny make a deal to expand Kenny's bowling alley into a franchise with the investor Mr. Dawes. Susan is a reporter for Frontiers, who accidentally came to the misconception that Sam and Kenny are gay, due to Peter's initial misunderstanding. Jon is Lucy's jerk of a boss who she has been butting heads with for most of the story. So, that should cover everything going into a charity ball to raise money for breast cancer research; Jon has been picked to be a local speaker since his wife was a local TV personality on a kid's show who was a victim of breast cancer. That's the quick overview; for more details, there's the Table of Contents here.

Need a specific refresher of who Rigatoni was and how Kenny and Lucy met? Click here.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lucy Does Something Nice

It took me some time to re-review the backlog of the story to make sure that Lucy really didn't know that Peter was married. I know, for certain, we've made it clear Christine didn't know, but I was afraid in one of my less disciplined sections, I'd had Sam mention it to Lucy. My cursory re-read of all the sections mentioning Peter's name assuages me that, no, Lucy is blissfully unaware that her friend's boyfriend is secretly married. If I somehow missed a section where Lucy found out, consider that retconned. Lucy should have no knowledge of Peter's philandering ways. This might, I think, be one of the only times I've preemptively retconned something I've written via commenting, instead of simple recursive editing.

Which is important: If she knew, the last part of this section becomes incredibly cruel, as opposed to a sweet gesture from Lucy to her friend, that we ironically know is going to blow up in her face. Either or, the section is below! The table of contents is here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lucy Springs into Action

Some time over the last few days, we've broken over 20,000 hits on the blog. So, milestone? Honestly, I think I would be perfectly happy just writing dialogue between Sam and Kenny and Lucy and Christine for the rest of the story and ignoring the plot. This bit is fun, and I really like it. It gets a little of the plot through, and it helps us see the inner workings of Lucy's mind and plot. We also get to start seeing her have misgivings about her revenge plot, though it seems like she really wants to go through with it. And, yes. I believe this might be the only conversation on the Internet that tries to conflate Jiminy Cricket with the devil. As always, here is your table of contents.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sam and Mortimer

Your cool thing from the Internet. The table of contents is here. This section wraps up Sam's confusion over Rusty/Mortimer, but leaves him confused. It's so terribly weak that I kind of wanted to not post it, then I realized I'd been hacking it for days. I really, honestly, think this story started so strong, and it is going to finish weak. I hate that about my writing. Time to close out our morning with Sam, deal with Lucy's afternoon, and then jump back to Sam for the start of the night.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random People, Random Places: My Neighbor

So, I just spent five minutes knocking on my neighbor's door. Just knocking. Waiting. Hearing them moving around inside. Then knocking again. Listening to their dog bark. Waiting. Then knocking.

Finally he swung open the door and looked like he was ready to punch me.

"Excuse me, you left your keys in the door."

"Oh. Alright then."

When he closed the door, do you know how tempted I was to knock before I ran away?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Mild Misunderstanding

This is just a reminder about what Sam thinks about Peter, while bringing up the entire conflict for Sam: He wants to be honest with Susan, but there's all sorts of complications with that. First and foremost, he's got people who believe in him as a sort of hero, even though part of it is a lie. Also, getting a business loan would be pretty awesome. If I ever re-edit, this is another section that might get completely excised, since it doesn't really do anything plot-wise, but it helps me reorient myself in the process. Anyway, here's the Table of Contents.

As a side note, I've been getting up early and walking to the Metro. I might get to see the deer again, so I'm bringing my camera. For now, here's an aquarium rabbit.

It lives in an aquarium.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Intermediate Post

Not at home, but I'm able to post a single quick post on Lucy and Sam. I'll just copy and paste it into the main file when I have my computer back, since I forgot to synch up my Google Drive version for the last month or so. Or ever, to be totally honest. Here's the Table of Contents.