Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Upcoming Fiction

The Lucy and Sam story will wrap up May 31. I'm going to spend most of my nights this week and this weekend preparing for exactly what is going to happen and working it out. Consider this your chance to get caught up, since starting Monday, I expect a post a day for it.

Afterwards, I'll start on the short to lead in to the end of June RP event. In addition, my goal is still to self-publish one of my shorts by the end of year. Currently, I'm still deciding which one, but I'll obviously shamelessly self-promote once I do so.

As for my minimum of a page a day of fiction, Lucy and Sam's story takes up 98 pages in Word. The Shadowrun Short takes up 32 pages, for a total of 130 pages. That's probably a little shy, but if we include a few one-offs that I quietly killed and the Dear Sullivan letters, we're probably fairly close. I don't think I'll hit the magic number this year like I did last, but the quality of what I'm writing is much, much higher. I think I like that trade off.

For a list of completed drafts, with working titles see below:

  • "Across the Gap: The Story of Dana Littleton" -- The soft sci-fi story
  • "The Coming Flood" -- The high fantasy horror story 
  • "In the Land of Giants" -- The Mouse Story
  • "Old School Methods" -- The Shadowrun Short
  • "The Church Behind the Gate" -- The story of Him Robertson
  • "An Unusual Deduction" -- The Parskins detective short
  • "A Night Off the Streets" -- The attempt at a zombie short
Now I just need a nifty title for the Lucy and Sam story.

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