Tuesday, May 14, 2013

End of June Role Playing Event

In June, I am going to run a Call of Cthulhu one-shot. There is a crew of 11 people that the players can elect to choose from. The transport plane housed 13 people (plus the pilot for 14); only 11 remain. While the lead-in short will give the characters some traits and the like, they'll be flexible Pre-Genned PCs, meaning that the only thing definitively set is their profession and last name.

Here is the general set-up: Your team has been stranded on a deserted island for the past three months after a freak plane crash. During this time, you've slowly become aware that the island is also inhabited by a monster.

Here's the catch: The monster is an assimilation type, a la The Thing, and you only found that out as a group today. Due to the delay in finding out about the Thing's existence, everyone has been on their own at some point in the past three months, maybe not right away, but definitely by month three when people started to feel the island was empty, but safe.

The game begins where the short will leave off (which is right after the revelation of the Thing, so, you see, no spoilers so far.)

1. Everyone picks a pre-generated character, and makes cosmetic modifications as they see fit. Characters' starting sanity may be lower than what their stats would indicate; this is due to being stranded on an island for three months, surviving a plane crash and the initial revelation of the Thing.

2. We roleplay the first 5/10 minutes, where the Problem is presented.

3. I deal out secret cards face down to the players and remaining NPCs (those on the crew -not- chosen by the players.) These cards have either Human or Thing on them; there are 22 cards; 11 with Human, 11 with Thing. Whichever you get is what you are. Yes. You don't know if you are a Thing until -after- the Problem is presented.

4. These cards are a secret to everybody, including me. As the GM, I will only know whether the NPCs are Things or Humans; I will not know what the PCs are. It is entirely possible everyone is a Thing or everyone is Human.

5. If you are a Thing, your goal is to not be found out while escaping the island. A Thing wins so long as any Thing escapes. Note: You can attack other Things to keep up appearances; etc. There is no crime in service of the greater goal of escaping the island to destroy humanity.

6. If you are a human, you lose if any Thing escapes the island or all Humans die. A Human player, when killed, can elect to take over a remaining NPC. Once you pick one, you can't pick a new one until that one dies. Look at the card once you pick one.

7. There is at least one known Thing still on the island with you.

There's room for five Player Characters; I expect to be hearing from the Usual Suspects if they are in or not.


You do not have any huskies.

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