Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Fiction Today

Instead, this. Brought to you by "Stuck on the Metro Without Something to Read."

* * *

I wish to slash red pen through your missive.
Your meaning's syntax labors malformed
Each trite declaration hard to believe.
Our love is not "safe harbor in a storm."
Nor is it the "sweet kiss of morning light."
Worse yet the archaic symbology
Where our hearts "adorn misty moonless nights."
Hell, the spelling demands apology!
I'll note, however, in caring, heartfelt red:
"Observe: 'I love you' is more simply said."

* * *

This is draft three or four; a few tweaks happened somewhere between Rosslyn and the Pentagon, and then again on the way back. It initially was going to be about my raw hatred of the current text-speak, but I found this more amusing. I... I do weird things to fill my time on the Metro.

I'm sorry, no fiction. I'm pretty sure several of these lines don't even scan proper, and I've been at this most of the non-working day!

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