Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cooking: April 10, Chicken Stir Fry, Sans Rice/Pasta

Cooking enough food for three or four days for about $20.00 is known as Good Economics. I was listening to Pandora while I cooked, and started with this song and ended with this song. I am what you might call eclectic. I have no shame; I will also admit this played.

As always, this is told in captions.

Start with vegetables, sauce, cheese, spices, chicken.

Always cook meat first; it takes the longest. (Melt cheese in sauce)

I put sauce and the cheese on these to make sure I would like it.

Clearly, I did. It doesn't matter if you pull, chop or leave as is.

Cook the vegetables and then mix (nix the tomatoes though, too watery.)

Put the veggies together after cooking while keeping chicken and sauce warm.

It comes out like stir fry without rice/pasta, because who wants to boil water?

And remember: Always leave your kitchen as clean as it started.

As a sidenote, I would recommend nixing the tomatoes. I added them because I like tomatoes, but they made everything too watery. I had to use a strainer after to make sure the left overs didn't sit in watery stuff. All in all, acceptable. Fiction returns tomorrow. This weekend: Cherry blossoms (and potentially more baking!)

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