Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Observation on League of Legends

No matter what role I'm playing, inevitably, during the mid-game, I say something like this: "We really need to start staying together and not venturing into the unwarded parts of the jungle. You see, when you see the support or ADC standing next to some bushes, it is an ambush. They are all there. Do not run in one at a time to the death bush."

Yet, even in the games we win, inevitably, people will run into the death bush. There is no amount of pinging or /team that will fix this. This is one reason that voice chat is good.

Also, kudos to League of Legends. I've now played for about a week straight without anyone being racist. I feel like the proud manager at a dangerous factory turning over the sign: "8 Days Without a Racist Remark."

From what I remember of Heroes of Newerth, you were lucky to go 8 minutes without it. If the Dungeon Defenders 2 MOBA has a community that isn't filled with racists, I would hop there in a heart beat.

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