Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lucy Learns to Love Revenge | Random People, Random Places

The space lecture yesterday was fun. I learned a lot about Chandra, got to see some interesting photos and talked with two Russian women who were visiting the Air and Space museum. They were very proud of Russia's early space program, then I mentioned that I thought America's was pretty good too. What with putting a man on the moon and bringing him back again. It didn't go well from there.

Today, Lucy gets a section that isn't particularly funny, but moves her side of the plot forward. Fiction below, table of contents here.

* * *

I decided to take five minutes after dealing with Sam. I was on my phone with Christine trying to handle a different little problem. I don’t know what Annette needed Sam for, but it was a great way to get rid of him. He had an unnatural fear of the woman. Oh, wait. It was a perfectly natural fear. She could fire us. I had forgotten that. I feared her too. So, there was that in common.

“Christine, Jon is being stubborn and won’t let me bring a friend.”

“That was an unforeseen complication,” Christine said.

“I think I’ll just have to do this one on my own,” I said. “Of course, I could just abandon him and go with Sam to whatever it is he needs a date for this Saturday.”

“That’s the opposite of revenge,” Christine said. “That’s quitting.”

“I don’t know; think how much it will irk Jon if I go to some other fancy dinner Saturday instead of his.”

“Wait, Sam’s going somewhere fancy on Saturday?”

“Yeah, he got an invitation from someone at the bowling alley he works at.”

“You really lack in imagination Lucy,” Christine said. “It’s the same event; if you go with him, you wouldn’t have ran away at all and you wouldn’t be able to get revenge.”

“I’ve been thinking that revenge really isn’t my cup of tea after all.”

“You can’t get cold feet; that would be like abandoning a guy at an altar.”

“You laugh when it happens to people in movies all the time,” I said. It was true. Christine found a perverse glee in those moments. Then, I had a moment of imagination. “You’re right Christine, I shouldn’t give up on revenge. It will be oddly fulfilling.”

Christine said it was good of me to come around to her line of thinking. She said she’d put some serious thought into it, and we could reconvene tonight at her favorite late night drinking spot, that is, the couch. When we hung up, Sam was coming out of the Olive Garden with his head hung a little low, looking a little wet. Fiona liked spraying people, I think that is the real reason she chooses to do the dishes.

“Oh, Sam! Before you go, do you have a second?”

“Sure Lucy, what’s up?”

“Were you able to find someone to go with your friend this weekend?”

“No; Fiona was busy too. Which I don’t understand.”

“She has a new boyfriend; she’s always getting overly attached in the honey moon phase,” I said. He just shook his head. “Well, since you haven’t, I have great news! I got off the phone with a friend of mine who I think would love to go.”

“Oh, I don’t know. My friend is antsy about going out with people he doesn’t know.”

“Her name’s Christine, and she comes with my seal of approval.” The little gears in Sam’s head must’ve been turning, you could almost hear each little crank.

“Short girl, kind of cute?”

“Very short, and not kind of cute. Devilishly cute. It’ll be nice for her to get out,” I said. And, it would show her that I have learned a thing about revenge.

“I think we’ve met before,” Sam said. “Sounds good. Give me her number, I’ll have Kenny call her tonight.”

Christine was right. There’s something fun about revenge.

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