Sunday, January 13, 2013

On Binders and Discretion

I think I know a guy who might have some, because, you know, he bothers to be prepared.

Well, actually, there are probably a lot of people with binders of women, but there's only one that has it in the context that the author means. Remember when it was worth mocking and making memes about a man who took proactive steps to ensure the sort of diversity that is now lacking in the White House? How does it go? I was told if I voted for Mitt Romney, the White House would lose its diversity, and they were right.

In other news, "First Amendment" reasons are enough to protect journalists from laws. Well, important enough journalists. If you're a James O'Keefe, you can't expect to benefit from the Important People's Rule. If you're David Gregory though, you can. I wonder if David Gregory plans to confront Obama with some marijuana to ask him about his positions on continuing the drug war. Maybe wave around the plant in his face and talk about how that plant is helping to promote drug violence? I wonder if, while he's waving the plant that it is illegal for a normal person to have possession of -- but which is assuredly legal to be used for Important People to Prove A Point -- if the District Attorney would have been willing to set up an entirely different standard of law for important people. Oh well, I was told if I voted for Mitt Romney, the government would allow the elites to break the law with impunity, and they were right.

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