Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lucy and Sam: Table of Contents Post

This post will be updated as new posts are added detailing the continuation of the Lucy & Sam story, for lack of a better name. The first few links appear above the fold; to reach the rest, go after the jump. I have created this blog post to alleviate the bloat that is happening on each post with a longer and longer list of links.

1. Start of Lucy's first chapter
2. Conclusion of the first Lucy chapter
3. Start of Sam's chapter
4. Sam's story continues with an unfortunate evening
5. Our two main characters interact as Sam gets shot down.
6. We're back with Lucy as she reflects on her new boyfriend
7. Lucy has a little crush; isn't it adorable?
8. Lucy never gets any peace.
9. Sam gets a phone call.
10. Sam meets "Rusty."
11. Sam ponders important questions.
12. Lucy is a wreck.
13. He has a night job.
14. The title makes you think it'll be a different joke than it is.
15. Lucy's mind wanders.
16. I make up a new term.
17. Lucy calls Sam.
18. Kenny and Sam meet Peter.
19. Phones make everything easier.
20. Because it is funnier that way.
21. Misunderstandings continue.
22. Probably the weakest section yet.
23. Something about fishing.
24. The more I read this, the less I like it. I may actually retcon it tomorrow.
25. And, we're now back to something I actually like.
26. In which Sam doesn't even realize what he's doing wrong.
27. I've never seen that movie.
28. "I drunk hate you."
29. Lucy and Jon go for a drive.
30. Lucy begins to stand up for herself.
31. Lucy makes plans.
32. Sam grows up.
33. The most active section yet.
34. None of it makes sense to him.
35. Lucy's turn to move the plot some.
36. Lucy gets a spine.
37. Frontiers!
38. Time travel (we're back with Sam)!
39. Sam at the alley.
40. Sam learns the dual nature of lies.
41. Lucy plays with her hair.
42. Lucy plays footsie.
43. Lucy plays... with laundry? We had a system going, and by God, I should follow it.
44. Sam gets the wrong idea. And puppets.
45. Sam gets a puppy, which is close to a puppet, but not quite. He doesn't keep it.
46. Sam gets a message.  We have a system going, and by God, I should follow it.
47. Friday night and Lucy talks about rules.
48. Lucy does something nice.
49. Lucy is still being nice.
50. Sam's back.
51. Sam and Tanya do TV.
52. Ding. Try again.
53. Lucy has one more thing to do.
54. Lucy wants pancakes.
55. Sam wants a tuxedo.
56. Kenny gets breakfast.
57. Sam gets a phone call. He does that a lot.
58. Sam gets a clue.
59. Lucy gets pancakes.
60. Lucy gets Cherry Coke.
61. Lucy gets to talk to Fiona and Kenny.
62. Susan gets some character.
63. Sam and Kenny get cherry cokes (note that they don't feel the need to capitalize it.)
64. Jon gets bad advice.
65. Sam gets a deal.
66. Lucy gets flustered.
67. Lucy gets historical.
68. Lucy gets second thoughts.
69. Lucy gets cold feet.
70. Sam gets the rules.
71. Sam gets a table.
72. Sam gets a clue. Again.
73. Lucy gets serious.
74. Lucy gets an unexpected surprise.
75. Sam gets honest.
76. Sam gets Emily.
77. Peter gets comeuppance.
78. Lucy gets changed.

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