Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012: Blog Year in Review

Goodbye 2012. We had a good blogging year; go ahead and browse through the archives on the side panel if you don't believe me. We rescued a cat, helped with some Dragon Dice, played some Final Fantasy and even talked a bit about Star Ocean, looked at America's Greatest Enemy and spent some time at the Smithsonian. Somethings were too high, while other things were just all around bad ideas. Also, a lot of goose poetry. I don't know why.

The Supreme Court made some big decisions, and I thought we may have outgrown MMOs as a genre. We also talked some theory on gaming and talked about how writing all sorts of things is hard. However, despite all of this, I have managed to keep on keeping on with my side projects. In fact, this blog has some of my better (and worse) stuff. But, before we end 2012, how about a Fiction of 2012 Review? Included here are two pieces (at the bottom) that I think I have not shared before. Let me know if any of the links don't work for you; older files might require a download, mattering on if your copy of Google Docs has updated to Drive or not.
Here are the non-page-a-day fiction that I've uploaded for your reading pleasure
So, have a Happy New Year, and let's see about making 2013 as interesting as 2012. I'll again try for a page-of-fiction-a-day, which gives me tomorrow to figure out what the first story of 2013 will be. I'll need to come up with a few other resolutions, too, I guess.


    1. Just finished the Mouse Story: darker and bloodier than I expected, in a good way. Very Old Testament. Any editing plans/submissions? Loved Across the Gap (if that's the girl and mecha horse one), the bit starting when a guy attaching his leg wakes his pregnant wife and the one where the Vegetarian feels what he eats (the ending where everyone died.)

      Still have a few left to read, wish there was an easier way to view them on my iPad since my desktop is literally buried under stuff on my desk.

    2. I'm glad you like the stories! Thanks for reading; there's no plan for any publishing for anything, since while they are draft-quality, I would want to clean them up a lot before publishing official-like.

    3. Yah, take the good ole Hemingway-toothed comb to 'em.


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