Monday, November 26, 2012

Walking Dead Episode 5

Warning. Below there be spoilers.

First, here are the decisions I made for Episode 5:

I made the hard choices. You can tell from this chart.

Quality assurance, how does it work?

Now, right now, there seems to be a big uproar about a number of things. Namely, that the game doesn't really take your choices into account. This is why I tell people that it is not a gamey sort of game, but more of a visual novel type game (and yes, there are some who think that visual novels are not, inherently, games.)

Kenny, in particular, mans up in Episode 5. That's good on him, but this happens no matter what you do as Lee. Is that OK? I think so; Kenny is a person in the game, not an empty vessel like everyone you meet as Commander Shepard or the Gray Warden who await your words of wisdom to guide them on their life's path. Sometimes, people do things despite what you think they should do.

Overall, I think for the time invested, the ending was a good payoff. There could be more QA though. There could always be more QA.

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