Friday, November 2, 2012

Things Matt Links: Nov. 2, 2012

Have you paid your start of the month bills? If not, hop to and be depressed. Welcome to Day 2 of NaNoWriMo, though I haven't done my writing for today yet, so no major updates like yesterday. It is still early enough you can recover if you haven't started yet!

First things first, writing this much can be painful. Luckily, science is here to help. Hopefully, no one takes this advice seriously and beats themselves up to make writing easier.

I don't know how I was never exposed to this before. Not sure you want to read it? Here's a quote: "When I was at school, I was taught that 'good manners are contagious' but this is clearly bullshit." Clearly, you should read it.

More science marching forward, a nanotube chip breakthrough. I'll be totally on the level with you all, I'm only vaguely aware of what this could possibly mean. Most high-tech breakthroughs for me are put in two categories: Will bring Matt closer to a robot car and Not important. This, tentatively, is in the first category. Let me know if I should put it in the second.

Here, though, is something that will potentially bring us closer to a robot car. Imagine if we could teach robots to drive by having them watch people drive. Well, good drivers drive. Also: How do I not have a robots tag yet?

Here's a quick note on Sandy photos. Remember people: Don't be suckers.

Speaking of Sandy, the Red Cross could use your help.

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