Saturday, November 10, 2012

Things Matt Links, Nov. 10

I'm technically late; these things normally go live on Friday. I'd apologize, but I doubt anyone noticed.

I was going to make a joke about Petraeus' affair. Then I learned his mistress was his biographer and the title of her book was "All In," and I gave up trying to parody reality. ... should affairs get the Romance tag? I guess so. Here's a question: Why do people say that his wife must be embarrassed? Hint: She didn't mess up or break a sacred trust. The only person who should be ashamed is the one who cheated.

First up, Lee Stranahan has a newsletter. I like Stranahan, so here's a shameless plug for Stranahan.

Here are two clips from Penny Arcade. Well, there's one. Here's two.

Thinking about math is painful. No, really.

Mice are helping to save the world. No, really. What do you mean that link is a year old?

Have you helped to Kickstart Rogue to Redemption yet? If not, and you would like to, here's the spot to click. The Coles have always done right by me; I expect they will continue to do so.

And, finally, some feel good pictures from the archives. Smoosh the Cat!

Now, to get to doing my actual writing I'm supposed to be doing.

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