Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember to Vote Tomorrow

No matter which person you are voting for (even if it is a third party, or if you are taking a powder on the presidential level and only filling in things down ticket), remember to vote tomorrow if you have not already voted. If you Google "find my polling place," you should find any number of online tools to help you do exactly that. Plus, you get a neat-o sticker. Who does not like neat-o stickers?

But, after you vote is when the important part happens. Even though we might vote for different people, that doesn't make us mortal enemies. Politics, particularly since the Internet moved into its more recent incarnations, has become a poisonous cesspool of tribalism and angst, like a bad high school revenge antics movie without the heart warming redemption at the end. Err, assuming it isn't one of the murder-revenge movies. We're not that bad yet.

I can almost guarantee that probably anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of the people I know will vote for differently than me tomorrow (of the subset of people I know who will vote tomorrow.) Likewise, I'm willing to bet many of the people who vote the same way as I do will do it for different reasons of varying levels of in synchness with my own political philosophy and ideology.

Ultimately, no matter who you vote for, things will not get better unless you do something. Cut a check to a cause you support. Give blood. Maybe just write a nice letter to someone you know who likes to get handwritten letters. Your reach may not be long enough to impact the world; most people's reach is limited. You're going to spend most days interacting with a few dozen people at most, so make that count. Who you voted for will, after tomorrow, be merely a data point in your life. A rather insignificant one, at that.

This is not to denigrate anyone's political theories or opinions. It is simply the fact that when it is time to decide whether to give to charity, help your family or assist a stranger on the side of the road -- Romney and Obama become minor figures that do not deserve much (if any) screentime in the drama of our lives. They've unfairly monopolized our thoughts for the last several months. Our time could be productively used doing other things that make us (and those we love/exist within the same world as us) happy or more comfortable. This is a necessary evil of our as-close-as-we-feel-comfortable to democratic process. After tomorrow, it's over. Let's wash oour hands of it, move on with our lives and go back to ignoring whether the country is red, blue or purple.



I still hate people; but this is about how you treat persons. A fundamental difference I don't think I know how to explain better than that.

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  1. Along with my I Believe in Santa essays, I think my "voting isn't that important, but do it anyway" posts are probably the most soap-boxy ever. Now, time to knock out today's quota for NaNoWriMo.


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