Saturday, November 10, 2012

Civil War Lecture Series at the Smithsonian

Hey, you know what is happening tomorrow? An amazingly cool sounding lecture in DC. The one I'm talking about is "Astride Two Ages: Technology and the Civil War Symposium." Right now, there is a U-Stream where they're discussing intelligence and the telegraph system in the Civil War and how it was used for command and control by the Union and Confederacy. Did you know that the Confederacy lost loads of experienced telegraph operators, which hindered their capabilities?

Also, the guy giving the speech just said: "The Yankee Juggernaut." PhotoShoppers: Make it happen.



On Twitter, Lee Stranahan said: I'd like a world where Harry Reid and John Boehner are both co-manging a Denny's in Butte.

I replied: Let's write a Web TV Series. He's an ex-boxer from Nevada; he was raised in a saloon. Together: They Fight Crime.


  1. That U-Stream should also cover "Astride Two Ages" tomorrow as well. If I find where they archive the U-Stream, expect an updated post tomorrow with the archive.

    "19 Ironclads under construction and the rail system degrading ... so the competition for iron at that point was significant." -- Current speaker (I tuned in after his introduction, so I don't know who he is.) I'm such a nerd.

  2. Imagine: There was a time there wasn't a telegraph at the Navy Yard or White House. How times have changed. McClellan watched the telegraph during the Crimean War and apparently was a champion of the system. That's... not the usual narrative you hear about McClellan.


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