Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birds!; Mice and Mystics; NaNoWriMo

I apologize for lack of blogging, especially for the next few weeks. Here is my one-paragraph review of Mice and Mystics. First, the minis, rulebook and physical stuff is pretty awesome looking. The cards and map tiles aren't extremely durable feeling, but they held up to a day of play just fine. The rules are crisp, easy to pick up and relatively intuitive. Having only played through the first two scenarios (and only partially through the third), one thing I thought was odd was not letting everyone have access to all six heroes in the first scenario to pick from. Splitting the party in the second scenario also was awkward feeling because the player who played Lilly had a pretty boring experience until we got there. Overall, I approve. Next time I play, I'll try and take some pictures of the board and give you some more important thoughts. Below the fold is my NaNoWriMo update.

Today in Fiction: 28,013. A... lot happened? A mouse fights some spiders; more mice talk about going to the sky, and we're getting ready, tomorrow, after filling in a background scene, going to actually have our first showdown between our Lawful Good protagonist and his Neutral Good and Chaotic Good rivals.

A thing I've found annoying: The chronology in my story is very stream of consciousness-y. I add in jump backs (they're not really flashbacks, per se) and cuts to new characters in a not really fluid way. I like it, because it sets up questions to be answered early, then uses them to help fiddle with the pacing (adding in the mouse rescue scene after a long talking scene to help demonstrate that the Lawful Good mouse, despite being The Rival really -is- Good, while also resolving an earlier throw-away line about how he had earned a reputation as being indestructible.)

All in all, I've moved back from disliking how the story was falling out to liking how it is coming together. If it pulls together in the last 22,000 words to resolve the A and B plots (at the minimum), I'll be happy.

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