Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Walking Dead Game Episode 4 Trailer

Telltale's Walking Dead has a trailer up for Episode 4 (warning, below there be spoilers.)

The thing is, I want to like the Walking Dead game. In fact, I do like it. The story telling is great, the pacing is fun. I enjoy the characters, the puzzles don't feel incredibly forced. When you lose people, like Doug/Carly (or however Telltale's website is spelling it now. Hint Telltale: Finalize spelling for your characters' names before publishing the game), in Episode 3, it works.

Telltale seems to like pushing story telling in video gaming, which is something I like. I like a good story in games, and I enjoy cinematic rewards for game play. The ending of Final Fantasy 6 is the best reward I've ever had for playing any game. I want more story telling in games, but I want it done smoothly and fluidly. Telltale is working on that; they just need to get their technical execution up to snuff.

But, Telltale has been delivering things poorly. I have been unable to restart Episode 3 for reasons that I can't figure out. Saved game issues are minor, incorrect choices importing is minor. But, it all adds up, and I dislike telling people to buy buggy products, so I can't encourage that. So, I can't in good faith encourage you to buy the game, but I can suggest at least buying Episode 1 and seeing if you like it enough to put up with some bugs.

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