Friday, October 5, 2012

Things Matt Links: Oct. 5

Before I get to the links below, allow me to teach you about IRONIC OPPORTUNITY COST via gaming. The more points you spend to make a character intimidating, in most point buy systems (or more resources in a feat/skill point by level system, etc.), the less actually intimidating they are. This is because you only have so many points to spend, and so to get one thing (Intimidation scores of reasonable levels) you must suffer mechanically elsewhere. In any real world application, simply being actually more dangerous would be more intimidating, yet, by electing to be less dangerous you can make yourself appear more dangerous. With your mind suitably blown, onward to links.

First, I was going to blog about the debates. But, in a situation where Bill Maher and Krauthammer both agree on who won, it kind of defeats the point of amateur analysis. Even Chris Matthews was fully aware of what happened. So, let's get the debate links out of the way with this nifty word cloud.

We're a bit politics heavy, but here's something I think most people can agree on. Free speech is important, and we should not use force of law to silence speech people threaten to deface. It is just rewarding the wrong behavior, you know? Like giving babies ice cream after a tantrum.

I lied. One more debate link, because I said repeatedly, before the debate even ended, something like: "You know who the loser is? Jim Lehrer." I figure I'll give the other side of that discussion a link.

Here's the Smithsonian talking a bit about how school should be more like summer camp. I like education; I like the Smithsonian. So, you should read it.

I have been a bit surprised Libya isn't a bigger issue on the national scene, though it is starting to get that way, if this is any indication.

Here is a story that shows you how, sometimes, gamers disappoint me.

Finally, a bit of "awwdorable" for the weekend.

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