Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things Matt Links, Oct. 18

I won't be around this weekend, so here is an early edition of our links for the week. The first one is a bit of disappointment. I want to believe these are actors, I really do. But, I also know that they probably are not. Such is life. Here's another thing with the debates.

I was unaware there was a new Bond movie in the making. There is; the question now is, will I be motivated enough to go? All clues point to no.

I read this article and realized that the answer really should be, "Whatever neighborhood has a bunch of friendly old people." They always have the best candy. Or raisins. It is perhaps a child's first introduction to gambling.

In science, you can lie to children. This is why I love science.

Here's an article I linked earlier, maybe it was a Twitter only link. I could probably write a post on this article on its own, but some parts are worth mentioning, even without much context. The author says: "Most encouraging of all, Helen Lewis, deputy editor of the New Statesman, is a dedicated gamer, and she’s not even a man." She must be unaware of recent demographic trends across gaming as it is steadily moving towards gender parity. An interesting read (I had never heard of this award before), and it is always interesting to get an outside looking in perspective on something you know fairly well. There's some bias here, like, you know, describing a guy who goes out of his way to create a game as "ignoring his girlfriend for years;" gee, or we could call it "earning a living." You know, connotation is a powerful thing. Also: "Oh, you want me to manipulate a tiny guy on a little screen? Let me do this without my glasses and then complain about how hard it is." Two other things: Mass Effect 3 and Catherine seem like bad games to use to introduce people to gaming.

Since we're somewhat in the realm of science today, here's some science about urban coyotes. Literal coyotes, by the way. Not like, desert desperadoes.



The Smithsonian sent me a letter with their Air and Space lecture schedule for the next year or so. I plan to make time to go to some of them. More details as we get closer to them.

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