Friday, October 12, 2012

Things Matt Links: Oct. 12

Well after yesterday's debate, and this week's slow posting, it looks like it is time for a series of links for lazy posting. Yes, my commitment to Friday laziness knows no bounds.

First, The Guild Season Six.

All those weird unemployment numbers not making sense has finally gotten attention. I'm not sure what to do about it, but I think a new metric might be in order. Hopefully nothing so depressingly named as The Misery Index though.

Khan Academy is an interesting idea, that I like. CNN has an interesting editorial on it.

World of Warcraft was hacked. Oh, in this manner, to be more specific.

Walmart is trying same day delivery. If this takes off, how will I ever live without the People of Walmart photos?

Is there a new public editor at The New York Times? Because this one seems to be doing less water carrying for the paper and more... public editorializing. PS: Yes, it should have been front paged.

Potential: High. Chance for disappointment: Also high.

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