Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things I Don't Believe

Standard politics disclaimer.

I missed posting yesterday, so let me at least get down some thoughts from today, dealing with two statements from both political camps that I truly do not believe are true. First, Tagg Romney, quoted via Politico at Althouse: “This is not spin, the team really gets along well. There's no internal squabbling or fighting for territory or turf.”

I believe that as much as I believed No Drama Obama, which is to say, not at all. We've seen the Romney campaign jostling about for position as much as any other political camp. It is just that for whatever reason, the sniping and dirty laundry is being held close to the vest. So far. The circular firing squad will start soon enough if things go sour.

Now, over to Obama surrogate Axelrod on the debate: "'He knew that Romney had had a decent night as well,' Mr. Axelrod said later. 'But it’s very hard when you’re standing there. It’s hard when you’re up there to judge it completely.'"

This is another thing that I do not believe at all.

But, in a crazy world where, somehow Big Bird is the big take away from the debate (well, that and numerous Romney v. Empty Chair cartoons), I guess maybe I should believe someone, somewhere thought Obama was doing well in the debate. At least with the upcoming foreign policy debate, there's nothing that could go wrong. Oh, wait.

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